IOC blocks Youtube contents due to copyright issues

    I got the feeling of excitement about blogging for London 2012 olympics specially for the latest updates in the Opening Ceremony happened around early morning, July 28, 2012 Philippine time.
    IOC Official Logo 2012 Olympics
    Photo: IOC Official Logo
    Since I am not able to watch it live over the television and I only have a laptop and internet connection, I thought I can get videos and live updates easily for my readers to be updated. But, the whole day of checking of working videos  to share became a challenge.

    I had started posting about the history of London 2012 Olympics, how the bid goes to London and the preparation IOC have done with all the enthusiasm of sharing information but unfortunately the needed videos that should be viral now has been blocked by IOC (International Olympics Committee).

    Though this morning, I used to watch some videos like James Bond having escorted the Queen of England but that was in a few minutes only and suddenly been blocked by IOC with this message "This video contains contents from the International Olympics Committee, who has blocked it on copyright grounds".

    For I need to include videos for my blog post, I found one Youtube upload  (London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony At The Olympic Stadium 23 from  ) that I think has no copyright but still grabbed it and luckily shared on my post. I've also checked it first if it is really working  and it is but about few minutes later, the same fate goes the video has gone ...it was also blocked by the IOC.

    So, what's happening right now? Is it all about paid content? I think London 2012 Olympics coverage is just for money not for Olympics... there is news black-out happening. There are some broadcast that is exclusively for the UK citizens only  and for the rich who can pay HD cable subscription.

    I have read that IOC wants it (London 2012) to be more social with this generation of digital age. With the promotion of online accounts, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube account... but that was all crap. It's not for everybody. You have to pay some penny first before you can access of what you want to see.

    Here's the excerpt from Yahoo News  which shows the same feling of disappointment "Ensuring that these videos clips are available to share as soon as possible is in the IOC and NBC’s best interest. If people find the links, they’ll share them on their social networks, building even more buzz for the games and the myriad little human dramas played out within it. If NBC sits on its hands, or the IOC forces it to sit on its hands until hours or days after the viral moments, they pretty much ensure those moments won’t become viral and will have little or no impact on building Olympic-sized engagement. "

    With this, if the scenario will continue to happen for  a month, London 2012 Olympics will be the worst World event then. There is a big disconnection.

    IOC should learn to share.


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