China grabs medal tally lead in London Olympics 2012

In the latest medal tally standing, China got the lead with 7 medals ( 5 golds and 2 bronzes). China  scores best for the shooting, swimming and weightlifting events. Medal tally standing is followed by Italy with 2/2/1  and United States 1/2/2 (gold, siver and bronze) respectively.
Photo: China leads medal tally as of July 29, 2012
Photo credit: Yahoo Sports

Wenjun Guo and Siling Yi both won gold  in shooting. Shiwen Ye and Yang Sun bested opponents and also grabbed gold in swimming. Mingjuan Wang  won gold in weightlifting. Xuanxu Li  got bronze in swimming while Dan Yu still managed to got bronze in shooting.

Philippines have no medal yet but we hope to get some golds for the succedding events. Opening salvo for the Philippines fight was leaded by Rachel Ann Cabral  and Mark Javier in the archery event. Cabral completed ranking round of the women’s individual competition on Friday, placing 48th among 64 archers in the field.

Click HERE for the Schedule of Events for 11 Filipino athletes.

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