Samsung Galaxy S3(i9300) S-Voice vs. Apple's Siri review

One of the best feature of smartphone today is the voice-activated software. We are really excited about this feature. But dealing with the program, you have to speak in a robotic tone for the software to understand. Major barrier is the communication skills and we should be good enough like robot to make it perfect. Frustrating!

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Photo: Samsung Gaxy S3, the new craze

But how does it works? Since the major function of smartphone is to perform task that make our life easirer, the voice recognition software embedded in the phone will translate our voice commands into actions. Pretty cool!

Effectivenes of the software is determined by the quality of the captured sound. Voice activation works by breaking down sound into chunks.

In spoken English,by combining 40 phonemes (phonemes is sound unit). By recognizing the phonemes, voice activation software works. Algorithm is also used for the system to predict what exactly you're saying.

With the Voice Actions for Android feature, smartphones running ver 2.2 and higher can control their device by voice actions. It is the official face for voice recognition and activation technology, but there are similar apps readily available on the Play Store.

Siri for the iPhone 4S is a technology that lets you perform numerous tasks on your iPhone by simply speaking out your commands. It offers an easy way of communicating with your smartphone by using technology that understands a wide degree of voice communication not limited to simple command phrases. The system even has the capability of talking back.

Watch the video here for the comparison of i-Phone 4S Siri and Google Voice Action.
Which is better for you? It is also a deciding factor which to buy between two major smartphones.

Beginning May 23, Smart Communications, leading telco in the Philippines will be accepting pre-orders of this most sought-after Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

“The Samsung Galaxy S III will be available from Smart bundled with Unli Data Plans that all come with unlimited mobile Internet, plus free SMS and call minutes,” said Wo Rosete, head of external relations for Smart.


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