Jessica Sanchez Tops Trends and Online Polls:Stiffer Competition for American Idol Finale

    Netizens all over the world are now excited to know who will be the winner for the worldwide most popular reality show , Season 11 of American Idol. Different writers  and analyst  used different techniques to generate predictions which sounds as scientific and with full basis to determine the grand champion.

    Popular networking site like Twitter used to generate trending topics in an instant using the  #hashtag.

    If you're a fan of Twitter (which I think you are), you will see the name of American Idol finalists on the trending topics everytime they performed well or amazed the audience. You probably sees Jessica Sanchez  frequent in the list of trending topic worldwide or the word "Jessica Standing Ovation"  or the title of the song she performed.

    But few people are aware of Google Trends. This is basically a good source of  reliable data for comparison purposes. Unlike Twitter, you may input items as you want. And based from my previous study, Jessica Sanchez is the most popular or the no. 1 in Google Trends.

    Here is the data from Google Trends  from the whole month of  April 2012.
    Photo: Google Trends' data for April 2012 for American Idol Top 3

    The peak on A (please see news reference volume)  happened when Joshua Ledet got standing ovation from the judges. While the peak on B for Jessica Sanchez happened when the judges used their power to save Jessica during top 7 elimination night. Over-all, Jessica Sanchez tops April 2012 American Idol popularity.

    Using the poll question as meter for who will survive for top 2 spots, data from the popular Los Angeles Times website shows dominance of Jessica Sanchez. The poll used to compare "The Voice" vs. "American Idol" contestants. Jessica leads by a whooping 51.34% of the votes. Followed by Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips. It seems that people are fanatic of American Idol than The Voice.

    Photo: Poll: The Voice vs. American Idol

    However, by the latest data in Google Trends capturing all Google searches for the month of May shows stiffer competition for Jessica and Phillip.

    Photo: Data shows stiffer competition for the three Idol finalist
    Although Phillip Phillips take some edge, 6% away from Jessica in the trends, Jessica is still the most popular in the news articles read by the million users of Google.
    Photo: Sanchez still the news maker

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