Labor Day in the Philippines 2012


May 1 is a fixed holiday in the Philippines to celebrate Labor Day. Labor day means to celebrates economic and social achievements of workers. The first Labour Day celebrations were held in the Philippines on May 1, 1903 in a mammoth rally in front of Malacañang Palace staged by the Union Obrera Democratica (Democratic Laborer's Union), while pressing for workers’ economic rights.

Google salutes Filipino workers
Photo: Google May 1 homepage
In this day, we could expect protest or rally in different areas in Metro Manila and some in the provinces.

But because Department of Tourism (DOT) yesterday launched the new TV commercial for the campaign "It's More Fun in the Philippines", maybe its about time to celebrate Labor Day in a peaceful and more fun manner.

Google supports this celebration as the giant search engine shows a worker  lifting Google logo on it's homepage.


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