Agua de Mayo, the first rain of May – good for health?

    MANILA, Philippines – After the long time of extreme summer heat, now the first rain of the month of May is believed to be the start of rainy season. Agua de Mayo (the first rainfall of May) is also believed that it is the most blessed rain of the year that it can cure some sickness and bring luck. They say that the first rain of May eliminates dark entity.

    Agua de Mayo, the first rain of May – good for health?
    Filipinos welcome Agua de Mayo. Photo Credit: GMA Network

    From Spanish term “Agua de Mayo” (Waters of May), today’s rains became a trending topic on social networking sites as netizens believe that these would bring good luck and better health.

    Some Filipinos especially the elderly consider May 1 rains as something special and miraculous.

    In fact, several Catholics consider this rain as the most blessed rain of the year. They save it and have it blessed to be used as holy water.

    Superstitions say it smoothens skin and removes wrinkles and that it makes the hair soft and silky.

    Some people from Alabama in the United States believe that the first rain of May can treat colds, while some Kentucky people claim it prevents a person from having lice, data in the folklore archives of the University of California, Los Angeles showed.

    Asked on possible health benefits, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said there's no truth that Agua de Mayo can heal.

    The weather agency added that the rain is dangerous and actually unclean since it contains pollutants in the atmosphere.

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