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This is how smartphones are ruining your love life

Have you ever heard of the term “phubbing” or “phone snubbing”? The phenomenon in which a person snubs his partner due to distractions caused by a smartphone puts a strain on relationships as much as money problems, bad s*x and kids.

phubbing? smartphone ruins relationship
In a research published in the January 2016 issue of the academic journal Computers in Human Behavior, the link between smartphone use and relationship health was investigated through the survey of 175 US individuals in romantic relationships. Factors like how satisfied they were with their lives and current relationship as well as the effect of smartphone use in their relationship were considered in the survey.

Study authors James A. Roberts and Meredith E. David of Baylor University in Texas came up with unsurprising results.

"We found that smartphones are real relationship downers – up there with money, s*x, and kids,” concluded the study authors.

Their findings showed that people who were at the receiving end of phubbing reported higher levels of conflict over the use of smartphone compared to individuals who reported less phubbing. Higher levels of smartphone-related conflict resulted to reduced levels of relationship satisfaction.

As expected, those who reported dissatisfaction in romantic relationship due to phubbing reported themselves to be depressed in general.

The study authors provided two explanations for the phenomenon: displacement hypothesis and smartphone conflict theory.

Displacement hypothesis states that relationships are weakened because smartphone blocks opportunities for meaningful interactions with the partner.

On the other hand, the smartphone conflict theory tags the device and its constant presence as the source of conflict that can lead to fights and eventually weaken the relationship.

“So what can we take away from all of this? Even if we act like it’s no big deal, it still stings whenever we’re phubbed by our romantic partner. In a sense, our romantic partners are choosing their phone over us,” Roberts wrote in an article for Quartz.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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Gloria Diaz gives brutally honest answer on the possibility of PH winning the Miss Universe crown

MANILA, Philippines - Former Miss Universe 1969 title holder Gloria Diaz has shared her thoughts on whether Maxine Medina, the country’s bet to the prestigious pageant, will give the Philippines a back-to-back Miss Universe win.

Gloria Diaz Miss Universe Maxine Medina
Gloria Diaz. Photo Credit: PTV
During an interview with PTV at the Governor’s Ball at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, the country’s first Miss Universe title holder revealed that she doesn’t think Medina can score back-to-back victory for the Philippines.

"I think she has a chance and chance is one in a million,” Diaz added.

Despite Diaz’ brutally honest opinion, the 65-year-old actress and beauty queen advised Medina to just enjoy and not be pressured to win.

“You just have to enjoy. You must not be pressured by anybody that you have to win because I find that contestants nowadays are very very pressured.”

Several netizens commended Diaz for giving her honest opinion as many agreed with her. Many believe that it will be difficult for Medina to achieve a back-to-back victory especially that the Philippines is the host country of the beauty pageant.

Still, many are hopeful that Medina will make it to the top 5.

Luis Anastacio said: “She just gave the most honest answer that everyone also has at the back of their minds. Let's face it. Walang back to back and it's not about being negative, it's about being real. Let's hope Maxine makes it to top 5.”

“Gloria Diaz just gave an honest opinion. Of course, she's been there, done that. But, things will come differently on the day of the pageant perhaps. Whatever comments there may be -negative or postive, Ms Medina shouldn't let it comes to her mind bcoz at the end of the day her performance will base & gauge on what she presents on stage. She just have to focus fiercely by making everything as motivation to work harder & be the best that she can be. Whatever the outcome, she atleast give all what she got & that's what matters most. I still believe in her. Go lang neng!!,” Joevil Carmelo Viacrucis commented.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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Here’s how to register your e-bikes at the LTO

MANILA, Philippines - The Land Transportation Office (LTO) recently issued a warning against unlicensed electronic bikes (e-bikes) often driven by unlicensed drivers. Motor vehicles particularly e-bikes violating the Land Transportation Code will be impounded.

Here’s how to register your e-bikes at the LTO
LTO’s announcement came in light of the rising number of e-bikes often sold at cheaper prices compared to other motor vehicles. Moreover, LTO issued the warning after several marketing materials claiming there’s no need to register the e-bike circulated.

LTO’s dirrector of law enforcement service said: “Hindi ka dapat nago-operate [ng e-bike] kung walang lisensya. Ang presumption, hindi mo alam kasi wala kang training…Ang registration, mandatory requirement iyan para sa insurance.”

In order to claim impounded-ebikes, the owner must pay P10,000. Meanwhile, drivers who will be caught without license won’t be issued student permits within a year.

Here are the necessary steps to register your e-bike:


1. Commercial invoice of the e-bike from the country of origin
2. Bureau of Customs Certificate of Payment
3. Certificated of Stock Reported (CSR)
4. Sales invoices of MV with sales evaluation from the regional office
5. PNP-TMG MV Clearance Certificate
6. Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
7. Appropriate Insurance Certificate of Cover
8. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)

Steps in registering your e-bike.

1. Submit all the required documents to the Evaluator for evaluation and computation of fees. You may find them at the transaction counters of the LTO.

2. Your motor vehicle along with duly accomplished MVIR will be inspected.

3. Obtain an official receipt from the cashier once your name is called.

4. Wait for your name to be called at the Releasing Counter to get your Certificate of Registration (CR), plates, stickers, and other requested documents.

E-bikes can be registered at the following LTO branches: Diliman District Office, Quezon City District Office, Pasay District Office, and Caloocan District Office.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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CONFIRMED: Pia Wurtzbach is in a relationship with Marlon Stockinger

MANILA, Philippines - Filipino-Swiss race car driver Marlon Stockinger has won the heart of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. The 27-year-old beauty queen opened up about their relationship for the first time on Monday, January 16, during an interview with ABS-CBN News’ Dyan Castillejo.

Pia Wurtzbach is in a relationship with Marlon Stockinger
Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger in Hawaii. Photo Credit: Instagram/piawurtzbach
The two were photographed spending New Year’s eve at Hawaii triggering speculations that they are more than just friends.

A photo posted by Pia Wurtzbach | Miss Universe (@piawurtzbach) on

In a live interview with Castillejo, Wurtzbach said: “We are together.”

“I’m glad that I finally met somebody who’s very secure with himself and who understands my job, and who’s not afraid to let me have my moment such as right now, now that the competition is happening here,” Wurtzbach added.

Noting their many similarities, the half-German beauty revealed that she has a lot of things common with the 25-year-old half-Swiss race car driver. Aside from their mixed European and Asian roots, the lovebirds are both Catholics.

A photo posted by Pia Wurtzbach | Miss Universe (@piawurtzbach) on

Like most women, the Pinay stunner finds Stockinger’s sense of humor as his best trait.

“He’s very funny, like he’d always make me laugh. Hindi pilit ‘yung parang dahil gusto ko siya, natatawa lang ako,” Wurtzbach disclosed.

“He knows a lot of things about me that I probably shouldn’t tell other people, but he’s cool with it,” she added.

A photo posted by Pia Wurtzbach | Miss Universe (@piawurtzbach) on

Interestingly, her relationship with Stockinger is approved by the people around her, including the Miss Universe Organization. Her manager Esther Swan as well as Miss Universe president Paula Shugart both like Stockinger for Wurtzbach.

Rumors that the two were dating started when Wurtzbach posted a photo of them on her Instagram account last September. Meanwhile, Stockinger confirmed he was seeing Wurtzbach last October, but stressed that they “want to keep it down low.”

--Mini, The Summit Express

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No data, message not sent? Globe faces connection issue

MANILA, Philippines - Globe Telecom has encountered connection issue on Sunday night, January 15, which has resulted to data service loss, difficulty in making calls and failed sending of text messages for its prepaid customers.

No data, message not sent? Globe faces connection issue

In a statement shared to press, Globe said that a system issue has caused the problem on outgoing call, text and data services.

"Selected Globe prepaid customers may have experienced some difficulty doing outgoing call, text and data services due to a system issue."

'Gobe' has trended on top spot of Twitter Philippines late Sunday as their subscribers shared their complaints.

Globe further announced that services are now back to normal after resolving the issue.

Globe services fail
Photo Credit: Twitter/Alvin Elchico
On Sunday evening, the second largest mobile network in the Philippines said that the government-mandated blocking of signal in some parts of Cebu as part of security measures for the annual Sinulog Festival has ended. These locations include Cebu City, Talisay City, Consolacion, Cordoba, Lapu-lapu City, Liloan, Mandaue City and Minglanilla.

In November last year, the network also had a wide mobile service disruptions with the power failure at one of their facilities the cause of connection issue.

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VIDEO: Elha Nympha impersonates Sharon Cuneta, wins 'Your Face Kids' Week 2

MANILA, Philippines - The Big Shot Belter Elha Nympha was named the second weekly winner of the kiddie edition of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" for her powerful impersonation of the Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

Elha Nympha impersonates Sharon Cuneta, wins 'Your Face Kids' Week 2
Elha Nympha as Sharon Cuneta. Photo Credit: Twitter/Your Face Sounds Familiar
Nympha received the highest points from the judges. Aside from the P50,000 prize money, she also donated another P50,000 to her chosen charity.

The grand champion of 'The Voice Kids' Season 2 sang the classic song "Bituing Walang Ningning."

"Alam ko may sarili kang style ng pagkanta. That's why I appreciate na aralin ang pagkanta ko. I have to say na you did a very good job," judge Cuneta said.

"Nung nag-perform ka, you're a game changer. Well done," judge Ogie Alcasid has commented.

"Hindi ka umalis dun sa pagiging faithful, sa pagiging Sharon Cuneta. You flew to a new height," judge Gary Valenciano said.

WATCH: Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids: Elha Nympha as Sharon Cuneta - Bituing Walang Ningning (video courtesy of ABS-CBN)

Meanwhile, AC Bonifacio came in second for her impersonation of Sandara Park.

Other kiddie artists who have performed on Sunday were Justin Alva as Adam Levine and Xia Vigor as Taylor Swift.

VIDEO: Awra Briguela impersonates Daniel Padilla on 'Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids'

Hosted by Billy Crawford, "Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids" airs Saturdays after "Home Sweetie Home" and Sundays after "Goin' Bulilit."

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Filipino team TNC wins 2017 WESG Dota 2 Tournament, bags Php 40M prize

All Filipino Pro Dota 2 team TNC consisting of Ryo “ryOyr” Hasegawa, Timothy “Tims” Randrup, Samson “SamH” Hidalgo, Marco “Raven” Fausto and their captain Carlo “Kuku” Palad won as Champions in the World Electronics Sports Games (WESG) Dota 2 Tourament held in China today, January 15, bringing home USD 800k (Php 40 M).

Filipino team TNC takes home almost Php 40M cash prize from WESG Dota 2 Tournament

Sick plays pulled off by the Filipino team during the elimination rounds and securing a 2-0 win against The International 2013 champions Alliance that lead the team to face off with Denmark’s team Cloud 9.

Semi-Final round against former The International 2013 Champions Alliance

TNC struggled in the first 20 minutes of game 1 during the semi-finals with the early aggression by Alliance against TNC’s mid.

With TNC realizing Alliance’s team play is far more superior with Tiny’s Avalanche and Toss initiation and Rubick’s Telekinesis, the team regrouped and place advance wards before engaging in any clash. TNC was able to create a turn around when Alliance decided to push and take down Dire’s 2nd tier bottom tower.

The Pinoy team having a knowledge of Alliances plan, scanned the tree line near the tower and position themselves to initiate. Tim’s Earth Spirit knowing Alliance’s position, cast Boulder Smash stunning three heroes followed by Geomagnetic Grip giving Raven’s Slark and Kuku’s Dragon Knight to deal damage and sweeping the whole Alliance team. From then on, TNC’s carry heroes snowballed securing game 1 of the semi-finals.

In game 2, Alliance’s Bat Rider pick pose a threat to TNC for its strong initiation potential using Flaming Lasso. Keeping this in mind, TNC constantly abuse Bat Rider during the laning phase. With the delay of Bat Rider’s blink dagger, Alliance have no way to initiate. Alliance tried to turn the momentum to their advantage by swapping lanes with Luna, but TNC starts to gank other lanes constantly and securing kills. Alliance can no longer keep up to obtain the items they needed to win the game.

Grand Finals against Denmark’s Cloud 9

Cloud 9 made a mistake during the banning phase of game 1 by picking Ember Spirit as their mid lane hero with TNC having able to play with Earth Spirit. Silence from Earth Spirit’s Geomagnetic Grip will disable Ember Spirit to activate Fire Remnant for it to survive ganks and clashes. Cloud 9 starts to take on another plan by relying on Vengeful Spirit to carry the team instead. But with TNC’s Juggernaut and Weaver carry picks, Cloud 9 did not stand a chance.

In game 2, Cloud 9 decided to increase their chances by banning Earth Spirit and got greedy by choosing Luna and Sven. TNC struggled as they were always counter initiated especially when Sven obtained his blink dagger. TNC’s Templar Assassin and Drow Ranger are heroes that highly relies on supports with stuns and disables to be able to deal damage. And with Cloud 9’s Luna and Sven equipped with Black King Bar that provides spell immunity, TNC can no longer be able to defend their base.

With their success in game 2, Cloud 9 stick with their Luna and Sven pick and decided to go with Outworld Devourer for their mid lane for the final decision game. TNC realizing what they lack in game 2, decided to pick heroes with skills having area of effect like Shadow Demon, Sand King and Slardar and heroes with skills that purses through spell immunity like Queen of Pain and Juggernaut.

The start of the game was action packed as TNC contest the bounty rune in Radiant’s jungle and found Outworld Devourer (OD) lurking around. TNC immediately jumped to disable OD but the hero was able to cast Astral Imprisonment on himself giving ample time for Cloud 9 to back-up and counter initiate.

TNC end-up losing 3 heroes during the exchange. It was not a good start for TNC. With Cloud 9 having the upper hand, the team continued their aggression not letting TNC get the momentum they needed. But a great play by ryOyr’s Shadow Demon gave away the turn around that TNC needed. Knowing that Luna already possesses so much damage, she is the perfect target to cast Shadow Demon’s Disruption with which it banishes the targeted unit from the battlefield for a short duration. Upon returning, two illusions of the banished unit are created under Shadow Demon's control. With TNC having able to counter initiate, their core heroes were able to acquire the items they needed to be able to push and destroy the enemy base.

--NG, The Summit Express

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IN PHOTOS: Miss Universe candidates flaunt their excess baggage

MANILA, Philippines - Candidates of the 65th Miss Universe pageant have caught the attention of netizens not just for their beauty but because of their excess baggage. Photos of the candidates arriving at the airport with tons of luggages made a buzz on social media.

Miss Universe candidates flaunt their excess baggage

Upon her arrival on Tuesday, January 10, Miss Thailand Chalita Sunsanee shocked everyone with her 17 suitcases containing everything she needs for the pageant and probably her OOTD for the entire year.

Meanwhile, Miss Great Britain Jaime-lee Faulkne and Miss Indonesia Kezia Warouw seemed to have brought their own refrigerators to the Philippines.

A photo posted by Puteri Indonesia (@officialputeriindonesia) on

Miss Kazakhstan Darina Kulsitova needed the help of a group of airport personnel to carry her luggages. But we’re quite sure these guys don’t mind carrying the beauty queen’s excess baggage.

Unfortunately, several pageant candidates had to wrap their luggages with clear plastic for fear of being victimized by the laglag bala scam. Miss Netherlands Zoey Ivory, Miss Ukraine Alena Spodynyuk and Miss Chile Catalina Caceres definitely won’t fall prey to airport scalawags as President Rodrigo Duterte ordered to put an end to the modus operandi last year.

A photo posted by Catalina Caceres (@catitacaceresr) on

While everyone else brought the contents of their entire house, others managed to fit in their paraphernalia in just a few luggages like Miss Germany Johanna Acs, Miss Malta Martha Fenech, Miss British Virgin Islands Erika Creque, and Miss Portugal Flavia Brito.

But these gals certainly know how to travel light. We wonder where they put their OOTDs for the pageant.

Miss Angola Luisa Baptista
Miss Angola Luisa Baptista
Miss Denmark Christina Mikkelsen
Miss Denmark Christina Mikkelsen
Miss Finland Shirly Karvinen
Miss Finland Shirly Karvinen
--Mini, The Summit Express

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