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Getting Canadian citizenship is now easier


Filipinos planning to migrate and become citizens of Canada may now find it easier and faster with new proposals from the Canadian government.

Pinoy Canadian citizenship is now easier
Changes in the Canadian citizenship act now offers greater flexibility for applicants trying to meet citizenship requirements. PHOTO CREDIT:
Changes in the citizenship act now offers greater flexibility for applicants trying to meet citizenship requirements. Among the proposed changes is the non-permanent resident time. Under the new law, the non-permanent resident time will count towards the new three year visible citizenship requirement.

The proposal also entails change in the age range of applicants who must meet language and knowledge requirements. Applicants under 18 and over 54 will be exempted from language and knowledge testing.

Joe Puzon, a permanent resident in Canada, thinks that the changes are good.

“I think the changes are good. I feel that the new policies are very inclusive because as an immigrant I think they’re very inclusive. I feel that my rights as an immigrant are protected by the current government, he told ABS-CBN News.

Meanwhile, Kyle Puzon, another permanent resident in Canada, believes that the changes allow shorter time to become a citizen of the country.

“If I get my citizenship faster, it’s easier to travel. There’s a lot of places I can go to without needing visa,” Kyle said.

Meanwhile, Fil-Canadian citizen Cesar Cunanan thinks that the proposed changes can compromise national security. Based on the proposal which repeals Bill C-24, the government will no longer be allowed to revoke citizenship in certain cases.

“Ang hindi ko gusto sa proposed changes ay yung the one who committed treason will still be having Canadian citizenship,” Cunanan explained.

Visit this website if you plan to become a Canadian citizen.

Watch the video report.

-Mini, The Summit Express

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