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Pac-Floyd: Tale of 100 Million Dollars and 3 Welterweight Belts


MANILA, Philippines - 69 more days to go before the much-awaited mega fight of Floyd “Money” Mayweather versus Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao commences, boxing pundits and wannabes are now giving their takes and predictions on this historic bout on May 2.

Pac-Floyd fight

The focal point of all conversations is who will be the last man standing inside the ring. Majority of the newspapers, sports forums and online gazettes highlight the strengths and weaknesses of both Pretty Boy Floyd and Pacman Pacquiao.

OFFICIAL: Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather square off on May 2

Have you ever heard what’s at stake on this bout? Yes, after 12 rounds of fist fight, one of them will at least be a $100,000,000 richer. And? What else?

Yes correct, this will be a title bout for heaven’s sake!

I guess it’s not that relevant for all the boxing fans out there. What matters most is, wish finally granted: the Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier of the modern era will officially be exchanging punches on the canvass.

Both fighters will be clashing on 147 lbs, under Welterweight Division. The Undefeated American currently holds WBC and WBA belts while the Underdog Fighting Congressman from Philippines banners his WBO Welterweight Title which he reclaimed from Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley during their rematch almost 1 year ago.

So aside from the hundred million dollar plus pot money, the Ultimate Welterweight Champion of the World will be boasting and parading 3 more belts on his waist and will be cementing his legacy as the greatest boxer ever.

Aside from the prize money, belts still matter. - D' Waterboy, TheSummitExpress

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