Grandson honors 'lolo and lola' farmers who send him to school

The post of Jay Mark Maniquez Espartero, who graduated from college, touched the hearts of netizens because of the hard work of his farmer grandparents.

In a recent Facebook post, Jay Mark shared photos and videos showing him visiting his grandparents in their farm while still wearing his graduation gown.

Grandson honors 'lolo and lola' farmers who send him to school
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Jay Mark Maniquez Espartero

According to Jay Mark, his grandparents were unable to attend his graduation ceremony because they couldn't travel anymore. Therefore, he promised himself that when he returned, he would take pictures with the two people who were part of his success. He caught up with them in the rice fields.

“To my very supportive Lola and Lolo, Mang, Pang Thank you so much for always supporting me even sometimes wala jud tungod sa ka wad-on pero it's ok nalampasan raman japon tabang sa ginoo. I Love you both,” he said in the caption of his post.

Netizens poured in their congratulations for him.

Jay Mark graduated from Davao Oriental State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Financial Management.

In an interview, Jay Mark said that his grandparents, Marcelino Maniquez, 73 years old, and Marteliana Maniquez, 72 years old, raised him since his parents left him. He couldn't explain why his parents abandoned him, but it no longer mattered to him because his grandparents fulfilled the role of parents in his life.

His advice to those like him who are dreaming is to never give up on life and keep fighting. If you give up, you are the one who loses. He said that God will not give you problems that you cannot overcome.

Congratulations, Jay Mark!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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