Student athlete-pedicab driver passes LET

Balancing studies and work is not easy for a hardworking student. But what if, in addition to being a working student, they also manage to be an athlete at their school and win a gold medal? Amazing!

Just like Rogen Aguirre from Sagay City, Negros Occidental, and a leading member of Spectrum Runners Philippines, is now a Licensed Professional Teacher (LPT) after passing the March 2024 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) - Secondary Level.

Student athlete-pedicab driver passes LET

According to “SpectrumRunners’” Facebook page, his dedication and perseverance as a student-athlete and working student have truly paid off.

Rogen successfully balanced and excelled in both academics and sports, serving as an inspiring example for all student-athletes aspiring to reach their goals and dreams. As one of Spectrum's top performers, Rogen has won three gold medals in the National Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA) meet, along with other notable victories in running events.

To support his education, he worked as a varsity athlete and a part-time pedicab driver, using his earnings for school fees, projects, and other necessities.

The entire Spectrum Runners Philippines family is incredibly proud of him.

“You are such a great role model and inspiration to all student-athletes who dream to shine both academically and in sports,” they said.

Aguirre finished his degree at Central Philippine University in Negros Occidental.

Congratulations, Teacher Rogen!

— The Summit Express

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