Inspiring video shows nurse giving first salary to mother

It truly feels wonderful for a child who has completed their studies and is now working to reach the moment when they can offer help to their parents, not out of obligation, but willingly and out of love for them.

Inspiring video shows nurse giving first salary to mother
Photo courtesy: Screenshots from The Philippine Star

Netizens were touched by a video report from The Philippine Star about a newly graduated nurse who gave his entire salary to his beloved mother.

Instead of spending the money on himself, he decided to give it all to his mother.

In the viral video, Gabriel can be seen excitedly handing a white envelope containing his entire salary to his Mommy Adora, in the laundry area. The joy on his mother's face was evident when he saw the thousand pesos earned through her son’s hard work.

However, the plot twist was that Mommy Adora said she was returning the salary to her son because he worked hard for it.

“Tatanggapin ko ‘to kasi unang sahod mo ‘to, pero ibabalik ko ‘to sa ‘yo kasi pinaghirapan mo ‘to,” she said.

“So ito, iingatan mo ‘tong pera mo,” Mommy Adora insisted.

Gabriel became emotional, especially when his mother told him to learn to save and manage his salary carefully.

In an interview with Gabriel, he said he immediately withdrew the 16,000 pesos he earned from the bank. He thought of giving it to his mother right away to make up for all her sacrifices for his education.

He said he saw the hard work and effort their mother put in to raise him and his siblings after separating from their father. Gabriel promised that as long as he lives, he will do everything he can to help his mother and provide her with a comfortable life, just as she did for them even as a solo parent.

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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