Heartwarming: Mother and daughter arrive late to closing ceremony after selling vegetables

MANILA, Philippines – A viral post has touched the hearts of netizens about a mother and daughter in Bukidnon who missed the closing ceremony to accept the daughter's medal because they were still selling vegetables.

According to a Facebook post by Teacher Delia Buaya, the closing program was already over when the mother and daughter arrived at Lilingayon Central School in Valencia City, Bukidnon, still carrying a basin filled with vegetables.

Mother and daughter arrive late to closing ceremony after selling vegetables
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Delia Buaya

Reportedly, they were selling vegetables because they had not yet been able to buy a costume for the daughter, "Vivilyn," for her school dance performance.

“Akong Pupil ayha pa tawon nakaabot Humana Ang Closing ky namaligya pa Sila duha sa iyang Mama ug utan ky Wala silay ipalit ug uniform sa sayaw nga T-shirt kaluoy pd tawon oi nakalimot nga ganena Ra buntag Ang Closing💝❤️🥰,” the caption said in their local language.

In English translation, “My pupil only arrived after the closing ceremony because she and her mother were still selling vegetables. They had no money to buy a dance uniform, which was just a T-shirt. It's really sad because they forgot that the closing ceremony was earlier this morning.”

Despite this, the mother and daughter were still given the child's medal, as she was among the "With Honors" in her class. In addition, Vivilyn was also awarded "Most Truthful," "Most Respectful," and "Most Kind."

This post made netizens very emotional and proud.

“Lumalaban nang patas. Congrats!”

“Congrats, kid!”

“Nakakaiyak naman ito pero congrats po!”

“Sana mapansin ng KMJS at bigyan ng regalo ang bata. Congrats!”

“Nakakaawa naman pero congrats!”

In the teacher's update, it was mentioned that many people have offered help to the child because of their viral post.

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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