67-year-old salt vendor graduates from Senior High School, plans to pursue college

It has been proven many times that "age is just a number." As long as you are alive, no matter your age, it is never too late to achieve your dreams in life.

Recently, a photo of an elderly woman diligently answering questions in a university entrance exam went viral. Netizens admired this woman, identified as Lolita “Lita” Escal, a Grade 12 student from Angono National High School.

67-year-old salt vendor graduates from Senior High School
Photo courtesy: Facebook/URS Angono Campus - University Supreme Student Government/BabyLenn Rasonabe

On May 20, 2024, the University Supreme Student Government of URS Angono Campus posted the results of the University of Rizal System Admission Test (URSAT) on their Facebook page.

According to reports, Lita is reported to have no other companion in life and supports her studies and daily needs by selling salt in the market.

Lita shared that her husband had passed away a long time ago, so she took care of their only child. Unfortunately, her child also passed away, leaving her alone. Because of her solitude, she decided to pursue her studies.

From morning until 4:00 in the afternoon, Lita is at school, spending her time in the library to complete her assignments. Once she finishes her assignments, she heads straight to the market to sell her goods. Her earnings from selling are just enough to cover her school expenses as well as her daily meals.

When asked about her plans after finishing senior high school, Lita said she would continue her studies as far as she could reach. She once dreamed of pursuing Law, but now she's considering studying Journalism in college.

Her advice to the youth is to focus on studying while they are young. She also thinks it's better to help oneself first before helping the family because once you've sorted out your own situation, you can better support them.

Congratulations, Nanay Lita! You are indeed an inspiration to all ages!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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