Top 1 of April 2024 Pharmacist Licensure Exam struggles in blood disorder

Despite facing health issues, 25-year-old Rhedz-Wei Hadjula from the Universidad de Zamboanga still topped the April 2024 Pharmacist Licensure Examination (PhLE).

Rhedz ranked number 1 among the 1,185 passers of the said examination after obtaining a rating of 92.85%.

Top 1 of April 2024 Pharmacist Licensure Exam struggles in blood disorder
Photo courtesy: Facebook of Rhedz-Wei Hadjula/Balitambayan

Rhedz stated that he couldn't believe he would top the said examination because he knew that the other examinees also worked hard in taking the test.

Another remarkable thing is that even though he has a blood disorder called "thalassemia," it did not hinder him from reaching the pinnacle of success. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder characterized by abnormal hemoglobin production, leading to the production of fewer healthy red blood cells and thus causing anemia.

There are various types and severities of thalassemia, depending on which genes are affected and to what extent. Symptoms can range from mild to severe anemia, fatigue, weakness, and other complications. Treatment may involve blood transfusions, iron chelation therapy, and in severe cases, bone marrow transplantation.

Rhedz further shared that he and his older brother both have thalassemia. His brother, unfortunately, wasn't able to pursue education because of his condition. Rhedz, on the other hand, has a milder case. It was a struggle for him to study at night because he couldn't afford to stay up late due to his low hemoglobin count.

Rhedz expressed immense gratitude for the support of his parents and siblings. He said they ensured that his health wouldn't be compromised during his studies and review.

Congrats, Rhedz-Wei Hadjula!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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