Farmer's daughter leads PMA Class of 2024; seven women among top 10

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) revealed that a farmer's daughter has emerged as the top cadet of the 278-member Bagong Sinag Class of 2024, with seven women also securing positions in the Top 10.

Farmer's daughter leads PMA Class of 2024
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Surigao City PIO

Cadet First Class Jeneth Elumba, aged twenty-four and originating from Surigao del Norte, graduated magna cum laude and is set to enlist in the Philippine Army.

During the recent graduation ceremony, overseen by PMA Superintendent LTGEN. Rowen Tolentino, and attended by Commandant of Cadets BGEN. Ramon Flores and Dean of Academics BGEN. Jose Demar Pauly, Elumba was honored for her outstanding academic achievements and remarkable leadership qualities.

Elumba, whose mother holds a position in the barangay, previously attended UP Tacloban College before enrolling in the PMA.

As the top achiever in her 2024 PMA class, Elumba has earned several accolades, including the Presidential Saber, Philippine Army Saber, Jusmag Saber, Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award (Army), Tactics Group Award, and Army Professional Plaque.

The Surigao City Government extends its sincere congratulations to Elumba for her remarkable accomplishment of being the top graduate of the PMA Bagong Sinag Class of 2024.

“Elumba's remarkable success exemplifies the dedication, discipline, and excellence instilled in the youth of Surigao City. Her achievement not only brings pride to her family and community but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders across the city,” it can be read in Surigao City PIO official Facebook page.

“Congratulations, Jeneth! We wish you continued success as you embark on a journey to serve the nation with honor and distinction,” they added.

Among the top achievers, other notable females in the Top 10 include Cyril Joy Masculino (4th place), Rosemel Dogello (5th place), Alexa Mye Balen (6th place), Giselle Tong (8th place), Danica Marie Viray (9th place), and Neriva Binag (10th place). All other members of the Top 10 are set to enlist in the Philippine Army.

Of the 278 graduating cadets, 224 are male while 54 are female. Seven cadets graduated from Foreign Service Academies.

Commander-In-Chief, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. recognized the PMA instructors for their hard work in providing a responsive military education and ensuring that the cadets are equipped to become worthy torchbearers of freedom.

The PMA was established on October 25, 1898 by virtue of a decree issued by then President Emilio Aguinaldo and was formally created on December 21, 1935.

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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