Beggar in India becomes an instant millionaire, but how?

In the reality of life, sometimes no matter how hard working you are, you won't really become wealthy if you're only earning minimum wage. There are jobs considered "effortless” where just being cute or funny in front of the camera, as long as it gains traction online and gathers a lot of followers, will surely earn heaps of money. But did you know that it's also possible to become a millionaire through begging on the streets?

Due to his begging on the streets, a former beggar in India named Bharat Jain is now considered the "Richest Beggar in the World."

Beggar in India becomes an instant millionaire, but how?
Man giving money to a beggar via Canva Pro

His net worth reaches up to 1 million dollars or over 50 million pesos, which he acquired through begging.

According to the report from the Economic Times, Jain is estimated to earn over 2,500 rupees or about 1,600 pesos per day from his begging. He accumulated this over a decade of begging on the main streets of Mumbai. His favorite spot is the railway station where there are many people.

But how did the money he saved from begging grow?

According to the report, Bharat became more frugal in his spending. He decided to invest his saved money in buying a 2-bedroom apartment in Mumbai worth 7.9 million. He also purchased two commercial spaces for rental income. He earns from these rentals over 400 USD or 21,000 pesos each month. Additionally, he was able to send his two children to private school.

But despite his investments and millionaire status, Bharat allegedly continues to beg on the streets, which many criticize.

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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