Dongfeng Motors Philippines unveils new lineup with heartfelt 'drive your friend' campaign

MANILA, Philippines – Dongfeng Motors (DFM) Philippines broke the mold with a unique event to unveil a new lineup of high-tech, sustainable vehicles alongside its "Drive Your Friend" campaign on May 2, 2024, at the Metrotent Convention Center in Ortigas.

Dongfeng Motors Philippines’ musical showcase for their launch on May 2
Dongfeng Motors Philippines’ musical showcase for their launch on May 2 culminated with a burst of confetti surrounding the management team onstage

Merging the thrill of a car reveal with musical theater, the launch brought to life the Aeolus Huge, Forthing Friday, and Nanobox - along with new models Rich 7, Nammi, Forthing U-Tour, MHero, and Aeolus Mage - in a festive showcase celebrating friendship, the joy of driving, and the brand’s successful foray in the Philippines.

Dongfeng Motors Philippines unveils new cars
The musical performances featured actors interacting with the cars, such as the fully-electric Nammi compact SUV

A Milestone

"Within just six months of operations, Dongfeng Motors has successfully penetrated the Philippine market, established a strong presence and gained traction among consumers,” shared Mr. Brennan Singson Lim, Deputy CEO of Legado Motors Inc. (LMI), the distributor of Dongfeng Motor Corporation in the Philippines, during the event.

"Despite being a new player in the industry, our sales performance has exceeded expectations, demonstrating the market's positive reception of the Dongfeng Motors brand,” he added.

The company's focus on sustainability, exceptional quality, and customer centricity has led to notable achievements in market penetration, product launches, sales performance, dealer network expansion, brand recognition, and customer satisfaction over the past six months.

Furthermore, Dongfeng Philippines also introduced the newly formed Team Dongfeng under Legado Motors, comprising industry veterans and dynamic new managers, who will lead the brand to greater success and solidify its position in the Philippine motoring landscape headed by its new Managing Director, Atty. Albert Arcilla.

Atty. Albert Arcilla DFM Philippines
Atty. Albert Arcilla, Dongfeng Motors (DFM) Philippines Managing Director

"Dongfeng Philippines is offering the widest variety of propulsion choices to Filipino customers who may or may not be ready for that radical switch to electric just yet. This has enabled us at Team Dongfeng Philippines to choose the most suitable body-powertrain combinations for our local conditions and market preferences, resulting in one of the widest segment coverages of any new brand in the Philippines,” Atty. Arcilla said.

A Symphony of Cars

Nammi model Dongfeng Motors Philippines
The fully-electric Nammi steals the show as a compact, stylish car loaded with tech features for convenient daily driving

Following the previously-launched Aeolus Huge, Forthing Friday, and Nanobox, the DFM Nammi is the brand’s compact electric vehicle ideal for fashionable daily city driving. With a maximum range of 430km and a 30-minute fast-charging capability, the Nammi comes with a price tag of only Php 1,238,000.

Fueled by the success of the Aeolus Huge, the Aeolus Mage takes the spotlight as DFM’s active crossover SUV. Combining a sporty appearance and spacious interior with a 13.2” Super HD Touchscreen Display and Gamepad multi-functional steering wheel, the Mage is powered by the 1.5-liter MachPower Turbo engine that can take you confidently through urban roads or even harsh driving conditions and is priced at only Php 1,248,000.

Aeolus Mage Dongfeng Motors Philippines
The Aeolus Mage is an active crossover SUV with a 1.5-liter MachPower Turbo engine designed to withstand rugged conditions

Meanwhile, the new Rich 7 pickup truck showcases a 2.3-liter turbo diesel engine with front and rear differential locks, an Off Road Protection Frame with Off Road Info Displays, and 540-degree cameras. The product of a joint venture with Nissan, the Rich series brings technology to the fore in a heavy-duty package starting from Php 1,298,000.

Rich 7 Dongfeng Motors Philippines
The new Rich 7 pickup truck showcases a 2.3-liter turbo diesel engine

The stylish Forthing U-Tour MPV likewise takes centerstage with its yacht-like interior, spacious seating capacity for the whole family, and luxury amenities like captain seats. Served up in a 1.5-liter turbocharged gas engine that produces 197hp and 285Nm of torque, and measuring longer than the Toyota Innova, this bang-for-the-buck package is available starting at Php 1,358,000.

Forthing U-Tour MPV Dongfeng
The stylish Forthing U-Tour MPV with yacht-like interior

Heralding DFM’s commitment to pushing technology, the fully-electric military-inspired MHero SUV packs a punch with its smart off-road architecture, intelligent cockpit design, and 500-km range. Its engine produces a staggering 1000HP with rear-wheel steering to get drivers off any murky situation. Priced from SRP 6,980,000, the MHero is designed for adventurers who want flexibility and flare on and off the road.

MHero SUV Dongfenf Motors Philippines
Fully-electric military-inspired MHero SUV

A Celebration of Friendship

Playing the anthems of friendship through the years, the event touched on drivers’ intimate connections with cars to highlight the driveability, comfort, and style of each model in the lineup.

Reflecting these connections, notable guests such as Filipino actor and director John Prats, DJ Mars Miranda, gamer Cher Barnacha, and other VIPs, joined in to share their own stories of driving their friend.

Likewise joining the celebration were the Board and Executive Officers of LMI led by President and CEO Mr. Wilbert Lim; co-distributors Mr. Dexter Co and Ms. Rachel Villanueva from Autoflare, and Dr. Jose and Dra. Juanita Chua from Dreamcar Unlimited; and other partners of the Dongfeng Philippines Management Consortium.

With DFM cars touted as “Your Friend on the Road”, Atty. Arcilla reiterated the brand’s commitment to strong after sales support, saying, “For Dongfeng automobiles to enable and support the pursuits of our clients, it works to excel in the various areas of its operations by taking critical steps to ensure the ownership experience by establishing an efficient after sales support group that will be responsible for the technical requirements and parts availability for all vehicles sold in the Philippines.”

The new DFM models can be viewed at showrooms in Pasig, Alabang, Cavite, Marcos Highway, Pampanga, and Tarlac.

— The Summit Express

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