Cum laude grad who lost both parents Top 1 in Chemical Engineer Board Exam

Even though both parents died and the responsibility of taking care of their younger siblings was entrusted by their older sister, Remington Salaya from President Roxas, Capiz, did not allow himself to not finish college.

Cum laude grad who lost both parents Top 1 in Chemical Engineer Board Exam
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Remington Salaya via PEP

Their mother passed away early, leaving them siblings under the care of their father, who was an employee of Capiz Sugar Central. Fortunately, he received various scholarships to be able to enter college and complete his studies.

It's fortunate that Remington became a scholar of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and a non-government organization (NGO) in their area, which enabled him to pursue his college education.

Unfortunately, their father also passed away due to a stroke five months after Super Typhoon Yolanda ravaged their area. Remington was already in his fourth year of college, taking up Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Central Philippine University in Iloilo. Of course, he was shocked by his father's passing, and the thought of dropping out of school crossed his mind.

He reportedly considered dropping out of school because he needed to take care of his younger siblings, but then he thought, if he were to stop, nothing good would happen in his life.

So, he graduated as cum laude, and take note, he even topped the May 2015 Chemical Engineer Licensure Examination.

Remington was inspired by their family and the hardships they endured to achieve success. He mentioned that even during high school, he was used to studying even without electricity and without any allowance.

Remington was very grateful to his uncle for letting him stay rent-free in an apartment while he was reviewing for the board exam. He said he had a strong feeling that he would be a topnotcher. He wasn't wrong.

He received up to PHP85,000 in incentives from his university, review center, and other sponsors for his scholarship.

Remington's secret to studying, he said, was not just about taking notes but also really listening attentively during class discussions.

If one were to visit Remington's Facebook post, they would see that he is happily married, and based on his profile, he now lives in Alberta, Western Canada.

What an inspiration! Congratulations, Engr. Remington!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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