Teacher riding boat just to get to school and teach rakes admiration

Impressive are the people willing to face danger and hardship in order to fulfill their sworn duty to serve to the best of their ability.

The video of a female teacher riding a small motor boat, disregarding the danger posed by strong waves and splashing water on her school uniform, just to reach the school she serves, to impart knowledge to her students, has gone viral.

Teacher riding boat just to get to school and teach rakes admiration
Photo courtesy: Facebook / 103.1 Brigada Mati City

Her video was uploaded by 103.1 Brigada Mati City on its Facebook page. The female teacher simply referred to the splashes of seawater soaking her as "showered blessings" due to the strong waves hitting the boat she was riding.

Even though the boat sways and there's a risk it could overturn, the teacher remains relaxed and smiling.

She claims this is her everyday life, as seen in the video.

This sparked inspiration among netizens, who reminded the teacher to always be careful. They pledged to include her in their prayers for her safety every time she goes to school.

Here are the netizens’ comments:

“Ingat po mam. Kudos po sa iyo mam, sa kabila ng iyong posisyon. You showed best example to us!”

“Salute ma’am!”

“Wow super woman ka talaga ma’am, GOD Bless you po ma’am!”

“Proud of you po kaguro.👏 Please wear life vest for safety. Thank you.”

“Wow mam service with adventure! God bless mam!”

“Kaya sinasabing ang pagiging guro ay isang bokasyon. Ingat lagi ma’am!”

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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