Rank 8 in Civil Engineer Licensure Exam shares journey; taking of board postponed thrice

Do you believe in the saying "God's perfect timing?" It's like everything is planned out for you, but in unexplainable circumstances and situations, it doesn't push through. But when it finally happens, it's incredibly amazing!

It seems that's what happened to Kaizen Daniel Oriel, a 24-year-old from Minglanilla, Cebu, after he passed the May 2022 Civil Engineer Licensure Exam, and take note, he even landed as a top 8 placer. He got 92.20% in the overall rating.

Rank 8 in Civil Engineer Licensure Exam shares journey
Photo courtesy: Kaizen Oriel (Facebook)/PEP

Kaizen is a graduate of the University of San Carlos, completing his studies in May 2020. During an interview with a local newspaper in Cebu on May 12, Kaizen shared that his board exam was initially delayed in November 2020 due to the pandemic.

Instead of being disheartened, he chose to spend his time on reviewing to prepare for the next board exam, scheduled for May 2021. However, unfortunately, it didn't push through again due to power outages in various parts of the country during those times.

This time, Oriel was thoroughly dismayed. He felt that the board exam wasn't meant for him. So, he decided to work for a real estate company instead. Because his time was consumed by work, he wasn't able to review and file the necessary documents to take the board exam in November 2021. This was the third time he missed taking the exam.

During the interview, Oriel mentioned that from a young age, he already envisioned himself becoming a civil engineer. This career path aligned well with his passion for Math. So, when he entered college, this was the path he pursued. Although he didn't graduate with Latin honors, he didn't have any failing grades either.

Finally deciding to take the exam in May 2022, Oriel admitted that he struggled with math and Structural Engineering. So, he couldn't believe it when he saw the results and found out that he ranked in the Top 8.

Oriel expressed immense gratitude to his support system, including his parents, family, and friends, who he said helped him throughout the review process, especially during his third attempt when he was busy with work. He advises those preparing for the board exam to take their review seriously, but do not put too much pressure on themselves.

Congrats, Engr. Kaizen!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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