#JusticeForKillua: Fur mom, netizens condemn killing of golden retriever dog

MANILA, Philippines – The social media was stirred up by the hashtag “#JusticeForKillua” due to the viral social media post of a fur parent named "Vina Rachelle Arazas" after she shared the heartbreaking incident that happened to her fur baby named "Killua," a golden retriever.

Fur mom, netizens condemn killing of golden retriever dog
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Vina Rachelle

According to Vina's post, she and her family are mourning the loss of their pet, which they found inside a sack, apparently killed.

"Mahal na mahal ko yan. We found his lifeless body inside a sack 😭😭," she said in the caption.

mahal na mahal ko yan. we found his lifeless body inside a sack 😭😭 #JusticeForKillua

Posted by Vina Rachelle on Saturday, March 16, 2024

In other Facebook posts, Vina recounted what happened and also shared a copy of the CCTV footage where a man can be seen chasing and seemingly hitting her pet while on the street.

According to the post, Killua escaped from their gate and didn't return to them. They searched for him but found him dead inside a sack.

When they confronted the man who allegedly did this to Killua, he defended himself, saying that the pet almost bit him, and he was just protecting himself.

Vina argued that this was not a sufficient reason to kill her pet.

our cctv footage sa gate. #JusticeForKillua

Posted by Vina Rachelle on Sunday, March 17, 2024

"For the information of everyone, hindi yan nakalabas kasi bukas ang gate. The gate was locked. Tumaas siya tapos nahulog ata, we don't exactly know what happened. He was probably anxious and stressed, hindi siya sanay sa labas kasi sa loob lang yan ng bahay palagi. Kaya, no, hindi namin binuksan yung pinto kaya nakalabas."

"And if nangagat man, it is not enough reason to kill my pet. He was asking for apology, but no sorry could ever replace my baby. He was loved by everyone, and he loves us the same. More than pa nga 😞"

"I'll miss sleeping beside you, my baby. I'll miss taking a shower with you. Kasi sasama ka, kasi gusto mo di tayo nag hihiwalay kahit sa pag ligo ko 🥺," she said.

As a result, netizens urged the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to investigate the incident and hold accountable whoever is responsible for Killua's death. Netizens also called for kindness towards animals and an end to animal cruelty.

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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