Reincarnation? Lady amazed by her resemblance to the painting in National Museum

Do you believe in the concept of "reincarnation?”

Reincarnation is a concept in many religions and philosophies which suggests that the soul of a person can be reborn into another body after death. It implies a continuous cycle of life and death, where an individual supposedly experiences multiple lives in different forms or bodies.

Therefore, netizens were amazed by the TikTok video of someone named "Veronica Balayo" after she showed a painting seen at the National Museum featuring a woman who closely resembles her.

Lady amazed by her resemblance to the painting in National Museum
Photo courtesy: Screenshots from TikTok/Veronica Balayo

“Am I her reincarnation? 😱,” she captioned.

But who is that lady in the painting?

She was actually the late mother of historian/history professor Ambeth Ocampo.

“Trending on TikTok video this morning was the post of Veronica Balayo, a recent visitor to the National Museum who resembles a photo-oleo of my mother from the 1950’s! The video has earned over 400,000 likes!” the historian said.

Here are the netizens’ comments:

“So totoo pala ang reincarnation?”

“Naniniwala talaga ako sa reincarnation kasi tuwing pinapanood ko si Mingyu ang gaan ng pakiramdam ko feel ko mag-asawa kami nung past life namin.”

“Baka lola mo yan sa kuko ate ko ah, i-KMJS mo na 'yan please sobrang interesting.”

“Gayahin mo yong suot ng nasa portrait tapos takutin mga nagbabantay jan🤣”

What do you think about it?

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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