Nalugi pero bumawi! Entrep who experienced bankruptcy ranks 8th in RadTech Board Exam

As one famous personality said, “Ang buhay ay weather-weather lang.” Life is indeed intricate. There are moments when we feel sad or experience setbacks, but everything doesn't end there because there is still a chance to find joy and rise again.

Just like what happened to Van Gabriel Pineda, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology from the University of Perpetual Help System-Biñan Campus in Laguna and secured the 8th spot in the December 2022 Radiologic Technologist Licensure Examination.

Entrep who experienced bankruptcy ranks 8th in RadTech Board Exam
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Van Gabriel Pineda

In his Facebook post on February 5, 2023, Van Gabriel narrated the journey he went through before becoming a full-fledged radiologic technologist.

Van Gabriel graduated from college in the year 2020. However, due to the height of the pandemic, there was no board exam, making it challenging for him to find a job related to his field of study.

To add to the challenges, his partner became pregnant. In order to meet his needs and responsibilities as an expectant father, Van Gabriel decided to temporarily work as a delivery “pasabuy” rider, a popular choice during those times.

Van Gabriel was able to save some money because many people were availing delivery services, and there was high demand for delivery riders due to the community quarantines and lockdowns imposed by the government to combat COVID-19.

With this, Van Gabriel reconsidered his options. He decided to invest in a small coffee shop in front of their house. Fortunately, it became successful.

Having successfully managed the coffee shop business, Van Gabriel started contemplating another venture. This time, he decided to establish a "tapsihan" along the highway, still in close proximity to their home.

During that period, he seemed to have a disagreement with his mother. When asked about his educational plans, he expressed his preference to concentrate on entrepreneurship for the time being and mentioned that he might not take the board exam.

His mother felt hurt because it seemed she regretted the course he finished. The tuition was quite expensive, and they worked hard to provide for his education and expenses, with the hope that he would graduate.

However, after three months, Van Gabriel's "tapsihan" incurred losses. He couldn't afford the rent, and he had no choice but to close it down. He mentioned that his mental health was affected as he worried about the future of his family.

It was at this point that his mother convinced him to take the board exam.

He even mentioned borrowing money from his mother as capital for his planned business, but she refused unless he agreed to take the board exam. In his heart, he was initially reluctant, fearing that he might fail.

That's why he is immensely grateful because he listened to his mother; the sacrifices he made, such as briefly being away from his family to focus on his review, were worth it. He passed the board exam, and noteworthy, he even landed in the top 8!

At this point, Van Gabriel realized why his business failed—perhaps, it wasn't what the Lord intended for him.

“Sobrang galing din ni Lord. Dahil siguro kaya nagsara ang isang business ko, kasi may gusto siyang ma-achieve ako na iba," he said.

So, his advice to those who have experienced failure is not to lose hope. It could be a redirection from God for a better plan in their lives.

Congratulations, Van Gabriel!

— Richard, The Summit Express

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