MMFF 2023 top grossers, box-office earnings – unofficial rankings

MANILA, Philippines – The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2023 organizers expressed gratitude to all moviegoers for the success of the first day of the film festival.

MMFF 2023 top grossers, box-office earnings
Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes (Rewind), Piolo Pascual (Mallari) and Matteo Guidicelli (Penduko)

Atty. Don Artes, concurrent chairman of MMFF, said long lines were observed and higher first-day box-office earnings were tallied as compared to last year.

"Apart from long queues at cinemas since December 25, the first day of this year's film festival grossed more than the first day ticket sales in 2022," Artes said in a statement.

Update: In a report by on Sunday (December 31), it says that first-day gross of the MMFF 2023 was Php 82 million. On Rizal Day (December 30), combined earnings was Php 95 million.


In the 49th edition of the MMFF, 10 films were chosen instead of the usual eight.

"This proves that all 10 film entries are quality and impressive. Indeed, the MMFF 2023 is very much alive and the enthusiasm of the moviegoers has returned.," MMFF said.

The MMFF organizers denied the circulating figures showing the earnings of each entry to avoid bandwagon effect.

"The MMFF does not release or publish any kind of rankings or earnings of each film in order to prevent trends that could influence or impact moviegoers' decisions. The MMFF hopes to provide equal exposure, spotlight, and support from moviegoers around the country for each of the ten films taking part in this year's festival," MMFF added.

The MMFF does not release or publish any kind of rankings
The MMFF does not release or publish any kind of rankings or earnings of each film.

While there's no official announcement yet of the topgrossers, reports said that Rewind, Mallari, Gomburza, Firefly, and A Family of Two are the front-runners in box-office as of December 30.

It claims that Rewind tops the ranking while Mallari is consistent on second spot.

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In the previous festivals, MMFF committee agreed not to reveal the figures and rankings of the top grossers, leaving it to the prerogative of the producers to do so.

After the 'Gabi ng Parangal' (Awards Night) on December 27, rankings of the 10 films are expected to shake up.

The organizers are also expected to release the official figures and rankings at the end of the festival on January 7, 2024.

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