Formerly lazy in studies graduated cum laude, top 3 in LET

MANILA, Philippines – Who would have thought that a student who was lazy in studying during his elementary days would make a comeback, become an honor student in college, and even make it to the top 10 of the board exam?

That is the story of Jonald Delos Santos Traquiña, who ranked 3rd in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in January 2022 for the Bachelor of Elementary Education program, with a rating of 92.20%.

Formerly lazy in studies graduated cum laude, top 3 in LET
Photo courtesy: Facebook / via PEP / Jonald Delos Santos Traquiña

According to the report from the Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP, he is said to be the very first graduate and board taker from the Southern Luzon State University (SLSU)-Polillo campus to make it to the topnotchers of the board exam, which is why he is extremely delighted and he brought honor not only to his family but also to his alma mater.

Jonald's story goes like this: when he was still in elementary school, he was lazy and had lost interest in studying, which is why as early as 2010, he dropped out and did not pursue high school.

“Back then, my parents were so disappointed because they wanted me to finish my education to get a decent job in the future,” he stated on his Facebook post, March 26, 2022.

He was not forced by his parents either. However, his older brother did not give up on him, so he was persuaded to at least finish high school. He complied with this request, and he successfully graduated in 2011 from Polillo National High School in Quezon Province.

Jonald persevered to continue his education up to college. It wasn't easy because his parents didn't have money to support his studies. That's why he did everything he could to help himself. He took on various jobs and started selling things.

“When I was studying in college, I also struggled a lot.”

“Back then, I was selling cassava chips and yema spreads, tutoring three children after my night class so that I could have my own money to support my studies.”

“I also had to study late at night because I had grades to maintain.”

He experienced countless sleepless nights, and there were also several times when he went hungry.But he didn't give up because he wanted to give his parents the "best graduation gift" upon his completion.

The lazy student that he seemed to be turned into a responsible child and student when he reached college.

“I didn't just graduate with multiple awards for being a student leader, but also with Latin honors.”

“Those struggles which I had experienced for the past ten years just to redeem myself were not just struggles for nothing but also blessings from above.”

He graduated in May 2019 with honors as cum laude.

“You don't deserve a second chance until you prove it. Don't let your past mistakes be a description of who you are today,” he said.

“Instead, use them to be better and to prove to others that you are worthy of a second chance,” his advice to young people like him.

Congratulations, Teacher Jonald!

— Richard, The Summit Express


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