Accountancy student who sold typical Pinoy snacks graduates as cum laude, now a CPA

A dedicated and determined student will do everything to complete their studies because they know it will be the key to lifting themselves or their family out of any situation they are in.

The story of a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy student from 2018, whose narrative continues to inspire to this day. After narrating how they managed to complete their studies through their own efforts, including selling snacks like turon and more.

Accountancy student who sold typical Pinoy snacks graduates as cum laude, now a CPA
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Jogie Macaraeg Papillera

On April 17, 2018, Jogie Macaraeg Papillera shared the story behind her success as an Accountancy graduate, and take note, as a cum laude!

Based on Jogie's story, when she was still a child, her family experienced extreme poverty to the point that she prayed to the Lord, "Lord, even just three grains of rice, please."

As a result, at the tender age of ten, she began to help his parents sell snacks to people.

Starting from elementary, high school, and through college, Jogie did everything she could to financially support her education.

She typically sold typical Filipino snacks such as turon, carioca, lumpia, and others.

With just two baskets, a liter of vinegar, and her backpack, he would roam around selling snacks.

Even when her arms and legs would tremble under the weight he carried, she didn't mind because of her determination to make sales.

Jogie further shared that there came a point when fellow students would ridicule, tease, and mock her.

Nonetheless, Jogie didn't pay any attention to these, and she continued with her honorable livelihood. She held her head high, as what mattered most to her was being able to help her family and finish his education.

The accountancy graduate merely dreamt of completing her education, but she was granted even more because she graduated as a Cum Laude due to her hard work, perseverance, and self-determination.

So in her graduation photo, she proudly held a plastic basket containing her merchandise.

“Tindera lang ako ng meryenda, gumraduate na sa kolehiyo, at nararamdaman kong malapit na ko maging isang CPA. Kung mahirap man ang buhay natin, wag tayong susuko. May paraan pa. Minsan, kailangan nating mahirapan at masaktan bago tayo matuto,” she said in her lengthy Facebook post.

“Wag tayong matakot, at kumapit lang sa Diyos. Kahit anong talino mo, kung wala kang sipag, tiyaga, at determinasyon, wala ka pa rin. Samahan natin ng PAGMAMAHAL ang lahat ng ginagawa natin at ialay kay Lord lahat ng paghihirap at pagsisikap natin, at tayo naman ay Kanyang pagpapalain.”

Five years have passed, and if we were to check Jogie's social media, we can say that she is very happy with the path her life is taking now, being with her loved one.

In addition, Papillera is now a certified public accountant as she passed the September-October 2023 Accountancy board exam.

— Richard, The Summit Express


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