Ifugao welder gains praises for his metal artworks

Naturally, Filipinos possess creativity and resourcefulness in many aspects, especially when it comes to finding ways to earn a living.

Nowadays, aside from having a regular and full-time job, it is beneficial to have other side hustles to help with financial needs.

A welder and metal artist from Lagawe, Ifugao has once again proven that there's "money in trash" as long as one is creative and patient in finding ways to utilize and benefit from it.

Welder "Kelvi Galap" is now being admired because he can create various sculptures, designs, drawings, displays, or toys using only scraps or cut pieces of metal.

Ifugao welder gains praises for his metal artworks
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Kelvi Galap

In an interview with Balita, it was revealed that he started making artwork from discarded pieces of metal from his welding job last April 30.

His first creation was a "budget-sized motorcycle," which quickly gained popularity among netizens. He initially did it just for fun, but when people began showing interest in his creations and started buying them, Galap took it more seriously and turned it into a business.

"I just saw a motorcycle made from scrap on Facebook, uploaded by a foreigner, so I made one, and when people appreciated it after I posted it, I decided to make more," he said.

"I'm currently working on some ongoing projects," he added.

He sells his metal sculptures for prices ranging from ₱2,000 to ₱50,000, depending on the design and size.

"But there are also small ones for ₱200-₱600, although they're almost sold out in Baguio," he mentioned.

You can see his artworks on his personal and official Facebook page, and they have been exhibited in various places and sold for significant sums.

For those interested in seeing or purchasing Galap's metal artwork, please get in touch with him through his Facebook page.

— Richard, The Summit Express

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