Pinoy traveler bound for Taiwan offloaded after failing to present 10 birth certificates of relatives

MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is looking into the case of a woman who was stopped from boarding her flight to Taiwan because she couldn't provide 10 birth certificates of her relatives.

Pinoy traveler bound for Taiwan offloaded after failing to present 10 birth certificates of relatives
The Bureau of Immigration launches a probe into the case of a passenger who was offloaded after allegedly being asked to present 10 birth certificates. Photo Courtesy: ABS-CBN News

According to reports, the traveler was supposed to visit her cousin, Ammie Liau, in Taiwan on June 29. However, she was prevented from flying because she didn't have a physical copy of a photograph with her cousin. Then, the immigration officer allegedly asked her to show 10 birth certificates to prove their relationship.

In a press conference, Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco confirmed that an investigation has been launched on the issue. He did not, however, confirm whether or not the issue on the birth certificate was true. Tansingco said the passenger had multiple “red flags” and had inconsistencies in her answers about basic details related to Liau. The immigration officer suspected she might be planning to work illegally in Taiwan. Additionally, she couldn't provide proof of her ability to support herself during the 14-day trip.

“The traveler, who initially attempted to depart late last month, claimed she is traveling to Taiwan to visit a distant relative," Tansingco said.

"However, the immigration officer noted that during the assessment, there was mention of a possible work in Taiwan. Said traveler also was unable to establish her relationship with her sponsor, and had numerous inconsistencies when asked about basic details about said sponsor,” he added.

According to Tansingco, travelers are assured that there is no need to worry as long as they have the right documents for their intended purpose of travel. He mentioned that most travelers don't face any issues without conflicting documents.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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