Grade 12 student, a mime artist, works two jobs to pay for his studies

MANILA, Philippines – It’s true that success is sweeter when it’s built with grit and determination. A young student from Bacolod City is proving that poverty will not stop him from completing his education.

Grade 12 student, a mime artist, works two jobs to pay for his studies
Screengrab: Facebook/ Aksyon Dale Salazar

Ritchard L. Obina, a Grade 12 student from Singcang-Airport National High School in Bacolod, has become an inspiration for many. His determination to pursue education and support his family has touched the hearts of netizens. Working as a part-time waiter and street mime artist, Ritchard strives to cover his school expenses, showing that he isn’t easily going to give up on his studies.

Known as Ritchard Whiteman, Ritchard would start his work in the vibrant streets of Downtown Bacolod after attending his classes for the day. He dons white attire, transforming into a mime artist who captivates passersby with his robot-like movements. Despite the challenges he faces, Ritchard stays committed to his studies and works hard to provide for his family.

According to Ritchard, he is determined to excel in his studies and support his family. Being a mime artist allows him to earn money while pursuing his education. But it’s not always easy, as he often becomes the target of ridicule and jokes on the street.

He said, “Damo man nagapanuya sa akon. May time man nga akig sila sa akon bisan wala sila gina ano.” [There are those who make fun of me. Sometimes they go after me even when I am not doing anything to them.]

Netizens have been deeply moved by Ritchard's dedication and perseverance. Many admired him for his ability to balance work and studies. Many netizens also lauded his resilience and determination to create a better future for himself and his loved ones. Ritchard's inspiring journey serves as a reminder that hard work, resilience, and creativity can pave the way to success.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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