BEAR BRAND celebrates World Milk Day everyday!

MANILA, Philippines – World Milk Day, observed annually on June 1st, serves as a global platform to highlight the nutritional value of milk and raise awareness about the benefits it offers. For BEAR BRAND, every day is an opportunity to recognize and embrace the essentiality of milk in our lives. That's why instead of just celebrating it one day, BEAR BRAND celebrates World Milk Day everyday!

BEAR BRAND has been strengthening generations of Filipino families for the past 110 years by providing daily essential nutrients with every glass of milk.

BEAR BRAND celebrates World Milk Day everyday!

BEAR BRAND continues to put forth the importance of drinking milk by encouraging everyone to celebrate World Milk Day everyday and incorporate milk into their daily routines.

By emphasizing the importance of milk consumption beyond a single day, BEAR BRAND aims to foster long-term health and wellness habits among everyone with the numerous benefits it provides including Tibay Katawan Nutrients (100% Vit D, Protein, Calcium) and Tibay Resistensya Nutrients (100% Vit C, Iron, Zinc) that are vital for the growth and development of individuals across all age groups.

"We firmly believe that World Milk Day shouldn’t just be a one-day celebration because we must recognize and embrace the essential daily nutrients that milk provides in our lives every single day. By celebrating World Milk Day daily, BEAR BRAND stays true to its goal in instilling tibay across generations of Filipinos with a glass of BEAR BRAND everyday. " said Paula Lantin, Brand Manager.

To further its efforts in observing World Milk Day everyday, BEAR BRAND invites all of its customers to visit the BEAR BRAND World Milk Day booths in several areas around the Philippines.

This initiative aims to further spread awareness on the daily essentiality of milk through the different activities that customers can take part in. Get freebies and experience the BEAR BRAND World Milk Day celebration by visiting BEAR BRAND World Milk Day booths:

Davao: June 3
Activity area inside NCCC Supermarket Victoria Plaza
11AM - 7PM

Albay: June 17
Ayala Malls Legazpi activity center, in front of LCC supermarket
10:30AM - 12NN

Equip yourself with the daily essential nutrition that your body needs by drinking BEAR BRAND everyday and face life’s challenges with Tibay ng Katawan, Isipan, at Kalooban. Celebrate the importance of milk not just on June 1, but make it a habit to drink BEAR BRAND and make everyday a World Milk Day.

— The Summit Express

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