Mini store owner treats students with perfect exam score with free snacks

MANILA, Philippines – A mini-store owner proves that some entrepreneurs would still choose to be kind and generous despite losing a few profits. Many netizens were impressed and lauded Nanay Livy of Cebu City for her kindness and care for her "suki" students.

Nanay Livy treats the first 20 students who got a perfect exam score
Nanay Livy treats the first 20 students who got a perfect exam score to free snacks. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Jessiel Ivy Gedoria

In a Facebook post, Jessiel Ivy Gedoria shared how proud she is of her mother for her selfless love and care for the students around their store. According to her, despite not being a teacher, Nanay Livy is every student's "Nanay," who never fails to motivate and even feed those who don’t have money for food or baon.

She wrote, "Mama is not a teacher, but she receives sweet morning greetings from students every day. She's not their mother, but she treats them like children of her own. She gives snacks for free to those who are hungry but have no pennies in their pockets. She treats them kindly and asks them if they have taken their breakfast or lunch."

Jessiel said Nanay Livy would constantly remind the students to behave and do well in their studies. When the exam period came, she motivated every student to do their best so that when the results came out, she would give them a surprise. Nanay Livy offered free snacks to the first 20 students who were able to show a perfect score on the exam.

Students were so thrilled with the reward, and those who got a perfect score got to enjoy a free 1 turon (banana cue) and drinks from Nanay Livy. Jessiel is truly proud of her Nanay Livy; she wrote, "Great job, Mama Livy Gedoria, for doing that to reward the students who got perfect scores and, of course, for giving that kind of motivation."

Jessiel stated in an interview that her mother merely wants to urge pupils to focus on their schoolwork, just as any other parent would. She added that Nanay Livy also motivated those students who didn’t get a perfect score to do better next time.

She said, “Kagaya po ng pagmo-motivate nya sa aming mga anak niya na pahalagahan ang pag-aaral namin, gusto niya din po na pagbutihin ng mga bata ang pag-aaral po nila.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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