Eat Bulaga scholar and board topnotcher recalls living under a bridge due to poverty

MANILA, Philippines – "Eat Bulaga," GMA's longest-running noontime show, has not only provided entertainment but also changed the lives of many Pinoys through its scholarship program. One of their inspiring stories is how they were able to change the life of a young man whose family used to live under a bridge due to poverty.

Sylvan "Van" Dan Moldes thanks Eat Bulaga for the scholarship
Sylvan "Van" Dan Moldes thanks Eat Bulaga for the scholarship that changed his life. Screengrab: YouTube/ Eat Bulaga

Sylvan "Van" Dan Moldes shared on Eat Bulaga's "Bawal Judgmental" March 11 episode how the EB scholarship grant helped his family find a better home and opened doors for him. Van became a scholar of Eat Bulaga Excellent Student (EBEST) Awards in 2009. Back then, he and his family had no other place to live than under a bridge. As a child, he had big dreams of a better future, but he felt they were all impossible.

Through EB's scholarship program, Van was granted the opportunity to pursue his ambitions.

As the valedictorian of the Hulo Elementary School in Mandaluyong, Van was chosen as a scholar. He was able to finish high school until he finished college with a degree in Bachelor of Library and Information Science at the University of the Philippines - Diliman.

“Nakapasa po ako sa UP at bahagi po ng pagpapasalamat ko po, nagtiwala po yung Eat Bulaga! sa amin po,” Van recalled.

Van didn't waste the opportunity and made the most of it. He landed as Top 2 in the 2017 Librarian Licensure Exam with a rating of 89.05 percent. His family also no longer lived under a bridge, and his father had a decent job.

Van shared, “Hindi na po kami nakatira sa ilalim ng tulay ngayon. Nakatira na po kami ngayon sa isang disenteng bahay. Nakalipat po kami pagkatapos po ng awarding [of scholarship] noong 2009. Kinuha po si Papa na caretaker, kaya po sa kasalukyan, nasa loob po kami ng magandang tirahan.”

The inspiring topnotcher is truly thankful to the noontime show for giving him the chance to improve his and his family’s lives for the better. Van said his success and achievements are a reflection of his gratitude for the program. He said, “Hindi lang po nila kami na-discover. Ngayon po yung panahon na kami naman ngayon ang nagbibigay ng pasasalamat sa kanila, sa paraan po ng achievements po namin na nagawa po.”

Van claims that as a board-certified librarian, he has numerous options for working at archives, libraries, and museums. Also, they actively participate in the government's campaign to stop the spread of fake news and misinformation.

You can watch Van’s inspiring story on Eat Bulaga’s Youtube channel: (starting at 8:58)

— Sally, The Summit Express

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