Ogie Diaz denies Liza Soberano was 'invited' by Marvel to audition in Spider-Man

MANILA, Philippines – Liza Soberano’s former manager, Ogie Diaz, had to challenge the earlier statement of Careless Entertainment executive Jeffrey Oh that the actress was invited to audition for the Marvel movie Spider-Man.

Ogie Diaz denies Liza Soberano was 'invited' by Marvel to audition in Spider-Man
Liza Soberano’s former manager, Ogie Diaz, denied that Marvel invited the actress to audition for the role of Mary Jane in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming | Screengrab: YouTube/ Ogie Diaz

Earlier, Mr. Oh, the CEO of Careless Management, which now handles Liza, claimed that she was offered the chance to audition for the role of Michelle “MJ” Jones in the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Unfortunately, Liza's previous management refused to let her because she was asked to keep her commitments.

“They reached out for her to audition to be Mary Jane, one of the most iconic characters. And she was not allowed because she had to do the same thing she was always doing,” he said.

He tried to backtrack after realizing his statement would be controversial, but he still stood by what he said. “I really shouldn’t have said that. But it’s the truth. This wasn’t, like, as if she was being marketed; they reached out. There are people looking for Filipino talent. People are looking for that,” he added.

Liza’s former manager shared on his recent vlog via YouTube to clarify that the “invitation” did not happen. Ogie recalled how Liza had already clarified back in 2016 that she didn’t get an offer to play Mary Jane. He explained that the issue started when a fan tweeted that it would be possible for Liza to be part of the Spider-Man movie if she auditioned.

“Di ko alam kung dito nanggaling si Mr. Jeffrey Oh sa tweet na ‘yun o baka naman meron siyang resibo,” Ogie said.

He then challenged the Korean-American businessman to provide proof of the alleged Marvel invitation because, as Liza's former manager, he was certain there was none. He and ABS-CBN would even be willing to apologize to the actress if there’s proof.

Ogie said, “Mr. Jeffrey, you might want to release the receipt or the proof that Liza received an invitation from Marvel to audition for the role of Mary Jane, dahil ako bilang former manager ni Liza at ang Star Magic at ABS-CBN as far as we know, walang imbitasyon sa Marvel at yan ay sinegundahan ni Liza.”

“Hindi ko alam kung saan nanggagaling si Mr. Jeffrey, kaya nga hinihingian ko ng resibo.. kung may resibo e para makapag sorry kami kay Liza,” he added.

He went on to say that anyone would want to play the lead in a Hollywood film, which was Liza's dream as well. But, as far as he is aware, there was no invitation.

Ogie said that Liza should have talked to her new management about the situation before Mr. Oh made his statement. He also said that because Mr. Oh's comment went viral, the actress got even more hateful comments and criticism online.

Ogie said, “Sana nag-uusap sina Liza at bago niyang management or kinausap muna ni Jeffrey Oh si Liza, kung anong pakakawalan na statement, dahil tuloy sa statement na yan, eh binash tuloy nang binash si Liza.”

“Pinag-mumukha mong ilusyunada si Liza, dyusko naman hindi naman starlet si Liza. Sikat pa rin si Liza, so bakit kailangang dumaan sa ganitong ka-cheapan. Di natin alam baka strategy ito ng Careless para lumikha ng ingay; if that is the case, aba e bongga,” he added.

Mr. Oh was also called out by the talent manager, who questioned how Liza had been managed for the past ten years. He stated that it would be disgraceful if they were unable to make the actress popular and successful, but they were able to do so.

Finally, Ogie reminded the Careless executive that he and ABS-CBN had all contributed to Liza becoming who she is today. "You cannot erase the fact that ABS-CBN, Star Magic, and Ogie Diaz were part of Liza's success, popularity. I know you can take good care of her as much as we did,” Ogie said.

You can watch the vlog about the issue via Ogie Diaz’s YouTube channel starting at 24:48:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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