LOOK: Celeste Cortesi’s mom meets the beauty queen’s BF for the first time

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe Philippines Celeste Cortesi had full support from her family and loved ones on the preliminary competition of the 71st Miss Universe pageant on Thursday, January 12 (Manila time.)

Celeste Cortesi’s mom meets the beauty queen’s BF for the first time
Celeste Cortesi’s boyfriend and mom finally meet and hug for the first time | Screengrab: Instagram/ Dyan Castillejo

Among those who cheered for the Philippine bet was her Filipino-British football player boyfriend, Mathew Custodio. Even better, Celeste’s mother, Maria Luisa "Malou" Rabimbi, also flew all the way from Italy to arrive in New Orleans for the daughter’s competition. To make things extra special, Mathew and Celeste’s mom finally met for the very first time.

In a post shared by Dyan Castillejo, she showed the hugs shared between Mathew and Celeste’s mom. She wrote in the caption, “Sweet moment as mom of @celeste_cortesi meets boyfriend Matthew for the first time! Tita Malou flew from Italy and arrived yesterday. Matthew arrived a few hrs before the prelim with best friend Benj from Manila.”

In an earlier interview, the 24-year-old beauty queen admitted she is aware of the so-called "Miss U curse," in which previous titleholders end up breaking up with their partners. She’s confident that the curse won’t work on her and Mathew because he has always been very supportive of her.

She said, “I just want to say to these people, you know, there is a curse apparently, but it’s not gonna work on us. You know, whenever we read these comments, we always laugh about it because Matthew has been supportive during my journey, that, you know, it’s just so amazing.”

Mathew used to be a player on the De La Salle Football team before becoming a defender for the Philippine Azkals. When Celeste won Miss Universe Philippines, Mathew wrote a lengthy message about being proud of her achievement.

He wrote on Instagram, “On a personal level, I feel very blessed to be loved by you. Like a mother’s love, your love is a constant reminder that there is a greater meaning & purpose in our lives. I cannot wait for our country & the whole world to feel the love you are about to share. It needs it.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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