Netizens react on Alex Gonzaga’s birthday video smearing icing on a waiter

MANILA, Philippines – Actress and vlogger Alex Gonzaga is on the trending topics list after a video of her during her birthday party went viral on Monday, January 16.

The video was actually taken during the celebrity’s advance birthday celebration in Makati City on Sunday, January 15. After Dani Barretto posted the video on Instagram, netizens were quick to notice Alex’s behavior.

Netizens react on Alex Gonzaga’s birthday video smearing icing on a waiter
Alex Gonzaga earns the ire of netizens after a viral video of her smearing icing on a waiter Screengrab: Reposted on Twitter by @Shortee3MEW

In the video, Alex can be seen with her husband, Mikee Morada, as a waiter approaches her for her birthday cake. After blowing out the candle, Alex wiped her fingers on the icing and smeared it on the waiter’s face. The video would show how the waiter appeared embarrassed as he bowed with his forehead smeared with chocolate icing.

The video drew ire from netizens and even a few celebrities, who called Alex’s behavior and actions disrespectful and crass.

A netizen wrote, “Daming mali sa kaganapang ito - the server was humiliated, the people around her did not stop her from doing a disrespectful act (whether or not she was drunk), and they seem to have enjoyed what she did and even uploaded it as if it was something to be proud of. Hay naku!”

While Alex has always been known for her pranks and funny antics, many didn’t find this move as amusing at all. Another netizen wrote, “I don't really get invested in other people's lives but the facial expression of the server says it all. Alam naming joker ka pero sana hindi ganyan ka-bastos. You owe Kuya a huge apology for embarrassing him in front of your visitors.”

Celebrity radio jock Mo Twister also shared his thoughts on the video, calling it “stupid.”

To add fuel to the fire, stage manager John Mark Yap revealed that he worked on Alex's first film as a lead and remarked on how "bad" the celebrity's attitude was. He wrote, “As someone who has worked directly with this woman for her first film as a lead, I can personally say na masama talaga ugali ng babaeng ito! Always the cause of delay sa shooting. Almost everyone on set hated her. She was just nice to me kasi mataas posisyon ko sa pelikula.”

Since a netizen posted it, the video has received 3.2 million views on Twitter. Alex’s camp has yet to issue any reaction or statement on the incident.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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