SIM Card registration starts December 27: How to register, deadline, details

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos are now required by law to register new and existing SIM cards.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) released the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the SIM Card Registration Law on Monday, December 12.

SIM Card registration starts December 27

According to the IRR, everyone will be required to start SIM card registration by December 27. Registration is free and will be done online. The database is managed by telco operators or public telecommunications entities (PTEs).


Official Links for SIM Registration

Who are required to register?

All SIM card holders including eSIMs, SIMs used for data-only or fixed wireless broadband modem or wireless local loop, machine-to-machine service, and/or Internet of Things (IoT).

Duration and deadline of SIM registration

All existing SIM users shall register within one hundred eighty (180) days from effectivity of the Act.

Instead of June 2023, the Department of Information and Technology (DICT) set April 26, 2023 (Wednesday) deadline for SIM registration.

READSIM Registration deadline is on April 26, 2023 – DICT

The registration may be extended for a period not exceeding one hundred twenty (120) days.

Failure to register the existing SIM within the period prescribed shall result in the automatic deactivation of the SIM. The deactivated SIM may only be reactivated after registration; provided, however, that reactivation shall be made not later than five (5) days after such automatic deactivation.

How to register your SIM card

New SIM card user
  • New sim cards will now be in “deactivate” mode upon purchase
  • Visit a secured website provided by your telco provider where you will fill out a registration form.
  • For individual users, you will be required to give the following details:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Sex
    • Present/Official Address
    • Type of ID presented
    • ID number presented
  • For business or company-owned SIM cards, you’ll give:
    • Business name
    • Business address
    • Full name of authorized signatory
  • For foreigners:
    • Full name
    • Nationality
    • Date of Birth
    • Passport
    • Address in the Philippines
    • For Persons of Concern, the type of travel or admission document presented
    • ID number or number of document presented
  • For minors:
    • Minors will use their parents or guardian's name and will be required to present an ID.
Existing Users
  • Prepaid
    • Access their telcos website and fill out the registration form.
  • Postpaid
    • Telcos will automatically input your information on their database, but you have to access it and confirm it.

What are the accepted IDs and documents?

For individual end-user, any of the following cards or documents with photo shall be presented:
  • Passport
  • Philippine Identification System ID or Philippine Identification Card
  • SSS ID
  • GSIS e-Card
  • Driver's License
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Firearms' License to Own and Possess ID
  • PRC ID
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
  • BIR ID
  • Voter's ID
  • Senior Citizen card
  • UMID
  • PWD Card
  • Other valid government-issued ID with photo

For juridical entity end-user, all of the following shall be presented:
  • Certificate of Registration
  • In the case of corporations, duly adopte resolution designating the authorized representative, and in the case of other juridical entities, a special power of attorney

For minor end-user, the SIM must be registered under the minor's parent or guardian. All of these must be presented:
  • Any of the IDs mentioned above
  • Consent of minor's parent or guardian to register the SIM

For foreign nationals visiting as tourists, all these must be presented:
  • Passport (copy of the bio-page and pages where the current visa is shown)
  • Proof of address in the Philippines (hotel booking or other type of accommodation or an affidavit/letter from the owner of the residence where the foreign national will stay)
  • Return ticket to the foreign national's country or any other ticket showin the date and time of departure from the Philippines

For foreign nationals with other types of visas, present all of the following:
  • Passport (copy of the bio-page and pages where the current visa is shown)
  • Proof of address in the Philippines (hotel booking or other type of accommdation or an affidavit/letter from the owner of the residence where the foreign national will stay)
  • Other documents, whichever is applicable:
    • DOLE-issued Alien Employment Permit
    • BI-issued Alien Certificatr of Registration Identification Card (ACRI Card) or other types of official ID issued by any other visa-issuing agency School registration and ID for students
    • For Persons of Concern, the type of travel or admission docuent validly issued by the DOJ


Some of the penalties you or telcos will face for non-compliance include:

  • First offense: Fine of no less than P100,000 but not more than P300,000
  • Second offense: Fine of no less than P300,000 but not more than P500,000
  • Third and subsequent offense: Fine of no less than P500,000 but not more than P1,000,000 for every offense thereof

  • Providing wrong, false information or fake IDs and documents: 6 months to 2 years imprisonment or a fine of not less than P100,000 but not exceeding P300,000, or both.

  • Sale or transfer of a registered SIM without proper compliance of procedures: 6 months to 6 years imprisonment or a fine of P100,000 to P300,000, or both.

  • Selling stolen registered SIM: 6 months to 2 years imprisonment, or a fine of not less than P100,000 and not exceeding P300,000, or both. Unauthorized disclosure of personal information by telcos will incur a fine of P400,000 minimum and P4 million maximum.

How many SIM cards can I register?

There is no limit to the number of SIMs you can register.

NTC MC No. 001-12-2022

What is the SIM Card Registration Act?

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. signed into law SIM Registration Act or RA No. 11934 on October 10. This mandates all cellular phone users to register their SIM card under their respective telco database. The law was made as a way to curb spam messages and to help law enforcers track offenders who use phones or texts to commit fraud, and other wrongdoings.

— Sally, The Summit Express


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