'Inaanak' becomes instant millionaire from P1M ‘pamasko’ from ‘ninong’

MANILA, Philippines – A lucky godchild hit the jackpot when he became an instant millionaire, all thanks to his generous godfather.

'Inaanak' becomes instant millionaire from P1M ‘pamasko’ from ‘ninong’
The son of Francis Barkley Bautista received P1 million ‘pamasko’ from his ninong Kevin Patrick Agravente | Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Francis Barkley Bautista

On Facebook, netizen Francis Barkley Bautista shared how his lucky son became a millionaire in just a snap of a finger. He shared a screenshot of his conversation with his ‘kumpare’ Kevin Patrick Agravente, wherein the latter asked about Francis’ son and his goldchild named Kaui. Kevin wished the family a Merry Christmas and said that he has a ‘gamay na pinaskuhan” or a small Christmas gift, for his godchild.

Much to Francis’ surprise, they received P1 million via bank transfer as “pamasko” for Kaui from his Ninong Kevin. He even shared a screenshot of the bank transaction as proof. Francis couldn’t believe their luck.

He wrote in Visayan, “Grabe! Hantud karun di ko katuo. Kanang imong kumpare mangumusta tapos mangutana kung unsa daw iya regalo sa iya binata. Tapos kalit lang dayun ta sendan ug ing’ani na amount.”

[Wow! Until I couldn’t believe what happened. Imagine having a kumpare who asked what gift to give to his godchild. Then, all of a sudden, he sends you this amount of money (P1 million).]

“Preee Wawe Agravante hantud karun di ko katuo pero salamat kaayo. Wala pa ko kabalo unsa ako paliton ani. Ako sa huna-hunaon kung balay or pickup ako paliton. SALAMAT PRE, SALAMAT HUBE COMPUTER sa pinaskuhan.”

[Pre Wawe Agravente, until now, I couldn’t believe it but thank you so much. I’m still not sure what to buy with this. I’m still deciding whether to buy a house or a pick-up truck. Thank you Hube Computer for the Christmas gift.]

The post went instantly viral, with over 1,500 shares in less than 23 hours since posting. It was, of course, filled with “Sana all” comments. Many netizens asked if they could make Kevin as their ‘ninong.’

— Sally, The Summit Express

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