Calida, Cruz-Angeles, Rodriguez step down from Marcos Cabinet

MANILA, Philippines – In just one day, three significant posts were vacated in the administration of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Tuesday, October 4.

Calida, Rodriguez, Cruz-Angeles step down from Marcos Cabinet
Atty. Jose Calida, Trixie Cruz-Angeles, and Atty. Vic Rodriguez resigned from their respective posts on Tuesday, October 4. Photo Courtesy: PNA/PCOO

Atty. Jose Calida resigned from his position as chairperson of the Commission on Audit, as confirmed by Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin on Tuesday, October 4. Calida has been a controversial personality of former President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration. He served as a justice undersecretary and member of the Dangerous Drugs Board.

On the same day, Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles also announced her resignation from her post, citing health reasons. “I resigned this morning for health reasons,” she shared via a Viber group message with the media.

Cruz-Angeles’ resignation came after speculations that she would be replaced by former President Joseph Estrada's press secretary, Mike Toledo. Bersamin confirmed Cruz-Angeles’ decision to step down from her post but kept mum on her possible replacement.

Bersamin also confirmed on Tuesday that Atty. Victor Rodriguez will no longer be part of Marcos Jr’s administration as his executive secretary. He denied earlier reports that Rodriguez will still be part of the President’s Chief of Staff.

“No, he’s no longer part of the Cabinet. You must recall he resigned for a specific reason. That reason is well-published to you. We cannot second-guess that reason. It was stated by the Secretary, and let us respect his privacy,” Bersamin said.

Rodriguez announced his resignation last month. In a Facebook post, he explained that he wanted to spend more time with his family.

He wrote, “The work of an Executive Secretary is a 24/7 job with myriad topics expected to be attended to every day. It demands a sense of urgency which essentially requires almost all of a public servant’s time to ensure that services are met and delivered.”

He added, “Equally valuable, however, is to witness firsthand your young family grow and evolve into how every parent would wish them to become and they most need me too.”

Earlier that day, Cruz-Angeles and Rodriguez were not included in the list of re-appointed Cabinet executives and members. The newly reappointed Cabinet officials took an oath before the President.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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