Kris Aquino diagnosed with more autoimmune diseases

MANILA, Philippines – Actress-host Kris Aquino has been diagnosed with more autoimmune diseases while being treated in the US, according to her sister, Maria Elena “Ballsy” Aquino.

Kris Aquino diagnosed with more autoimmune diseases
Ballsy Aquino shared the health updates of her sister, Kris | Screengrab: Instagram/Kris Aquino

Ballsy shared updates on Kris’ health condition during an interview with the non-government organization Banyuhay Aotearoa last Saturday, August 20.

Because Kris has many allergies, they are still trying out the correct treatment for her. Ballsy explained that the medications given to Kris resulted in side effects that were not beneficial to her health.

She explained, “Unfortunately, they are still trying to give her the right, correct treatment. She has so many allergies that all the medicines they’ve been trying haven’t been working, or maybe they did but then the side effects—they were not too happy about. Because as I’ve said, she has so many allergies, from the foods, to the plants, to the medicines.”

Ballsy continued that despite the challenges, Kris continues to fight because of her sons. Bimby and Josh are Kris’ motivation to continue fighting for her life. Lately, she has been feeling better after going through a difficult time.

She said, “But the past few days, she has been in good spirits and she says that there are times—well because there was a time she was really feeling that she was about to give up because she was having such a difficult time.”

“But then, when she looks at the pictures of her sons or when she sees them, then she knows she still has to fight because Josh is a special boy and Bimby is just 15. So that’s keeping her spirits even stronger,” she added.

Kris flew to the US last June to undergo long-term treatment for Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA), an extremely rare form of vasculitis. Aside from EGPA, she’s also battling spontaneous urticaria, and autoimmune thyroiditis, among others.

Ballsy said Kris has lost more weight and has been diagnosed with more medical conditions.Her loss of weight was a problem because she needed to put on weight in order to explore other medical options.

“When she left, she had two autoimmune diseases. I think now there are four. With all the medical tests available in the US na wala sa Pilipnas, madaming naglalabasan pa rin,” she explained.

“She’s not even 90 pounds now, she’s like 85 or 86. For the other treatments that they want to try, she has to put on more weight. She has to get a little bit stronger,” she added.

Ballsy said that despite it all, they are truly grateful for all the prayers for their sister. They are also feeling optimistic because they have found a new doctor with a team who can help Kris.

Ballsy said, “Thank you for all your prayers because at least the fighting spirit is still there.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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