PBB: Eian Rances walks out when Alexa Ilacad asked 'Do you think ginagamit lang kita?'

MANILA, Philippines – Alexa Ilacad directly asked Eian Rances if he thinks she is using him to gain supporters to stay longer in the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house.

The 'gamitan' issue has long hounded the two housemates ever since they were seen being close to each other. In the recent episode of Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity 10 celebrity edition, Eian and Alex finally talked about their loveteam and how genuine their sweetness is.

Alexa Ilacad and Eian Rances talk about their supposed loveteam
Alexa Ilacad and Eian Rances talk about their supposed loveteam | Screengrab: Kapamilya Online Live

Earlier, Benedix Ramos warned Eian that Alexa might only be forcing the "sweetness" between to gain more supporters.

Alexa began by telling Eian that she was hurt when he brushed her off when she tried to comfort him. Eian defended why he accepted the help of others but pushed her away.

"Kasi nasa perfect timing sila mag-comfort and ayoko noong kino-comfort ako na para akong ginagawang bata and ayoko noong paulit-ulit ka," Eian explained.

Along the way, Eian continued to explain that their personalities do not match at all. He also shared how he is having doubts if their actions towards each other are genuine.

Eian said, “Sabi ko, hindi talaga, hindi talaga match iyong personality mo sa personality ko. Kaya ko sinasabing ang off ng timing, ang off ng ano kaya parang lahat ng pasok mo, off," he continued.

Eian went on to tell the actress that he is not sure when she is being true to her actions.

“Hindi ko na alam kung ano iyong totoo. Hindi ko alam bakit nararamdaman ko ito sa iyo. Hindi ko alam kung kailan ka totoo, hindi ko alam kung kailan iyong hindi ka totoo," he said.

Alexa couldn't help but be dismayed with Eian's opinion of her. She asked him, "Talaga? That is so offensive. Tingin mo gumagawa ako ng love team, ganoon?"

Eian replied, "Siguro, hindi ko rin alam.”

Alexa was in disbelief with the accusations and said, "Omygod! So, do you think ginagamit lang kita? Para magka-love team or something?”

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With Alexa's reaction, Eian decided to apologize and defended himself. He said, “Wala naman akong sinabing ganung word. Wala akong word na sinabing ganoon. Sorry kung sinabi ko sa iyo iyong nararamdaman ko.”

Alexa said the allegations are making her laugh. Eian also mentioned that Brenda Mage, Kyle Echarri and TJ Valderrama also had the same observations about her.

Feeling disappointed, Alexa clarified she couldn't even say those accusations towards others. "Alam mo, hindi ko alam paano niyo nasasabi iyon kasi ako, hindi ko kayang sabihin iyon dito," she said.

Emotions were already running high and Eian dismissed Alexa. She said that such statements are not okay on her part. But while Alexa was still trying to get hold of the situation, Eian stood up and walked away.

Alex, who was surprised, tried to call him out to talk some more. She said, "Sandali, sandali. Omigod, ang bastos kausap.”

Eian told Samantha Bernardo that his conversation with Alex was going nowhere and he needed to leave.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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