Converge turbocharges FiberX Plans for affordable solutions

MANILA, Philippines – Nearing the end of 2021, Converge unveils a special surprise to its subscribers this holiday season celebrating 1.5 million subscribers and counting!

Recognizing this milestone, the fastest-growing pure end-to-end fiber provider revamps its FiberX Plans, going beyond just the Filipinos' need for speed. Continuously serving the unserved and underserved by elevating affordability for its premium internet plans for the best possible internet experience at home.

Previously, 25Mbps used to be valued at P1500 and 200Mbps at P3500. Upon hitting the 1M subscribers mark last year, 25Mbps was upgraded to 35Mbps for free.

This holiday season, three new FiberX plans are set to roll out — starting with Plan 1500 for 50 Mbps with an exclusive add-on for 10Mbps for only P99, Plan 2500 for 300 Mbps, and Plan 3500 for 800 Mbps.

Converge turbocharges FiberX Plans for affordable solutions

Closely listening to its consumer’s pain points, Converge identified a gap to fill in order to offer better value for their money with no additional costs, yet fast speeds. Beyond speed increase, families are encouraged to spend within their means without sacrificing their bandwidth. Turbocharged speeds play a vital role in every Filipino’s lifeline as homes became an office, school, marketplace, and the like.

According to Converge COO, Mr. Jesus Romero, “Converge is redefining Filipino internet standards by upgrading speeds, improving WiFi coverage, providing more value, and ensuring more meaningful online experiences through Converge FiberX Plans. We guarantee authenticity with these upgraded plans that are here to stay and not just a promotional boost for our subscribers.”

Underpinning this is the Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh solutions powered by the Linksys Velop range. As the leading brand for networking solutions, Linksys offers a flexible mesh WiFi system that eliminates dead spots to bring connectivity to all corners of the home with 100% Wi-Fi strength across the entire network for an uninterrupted online experience. Experience edge-to-edge coverage for perfectly seamless and reliable connection with loved ones this holiday season, sharing everything from the little moments to the greatest yet.

Consumers can also customize their internet experience by availing themselves of the first-in-the-market FiberX Time of Day, which allows consumers to double their bandwidth depending on their preferred period of Day or Night.

“Here in Converge, we continue to defy the status quo and bring the Philippines on the global map by working towards becoming the market leader in the high-speed fixed broadband market. We will continue to provide exceptional service at the best price in the market, penetrating more households and enterprises in the coming years,” Converge CEO, Mr. Dennis Anthony H. Uy adds.

With its affordable plans for high-speed internet, Converge establishes a competitive advantage over both local and regional competitors. For more information about the most affordable internet plans in the market, visit

— The Summit Express

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