Isko Moreno to run for president, Doc Willie Ong as VP

MANILA, Philippines – Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso will seek the Philippine presidency in the May 2022 national elections, sources confirmed on Tuesday.

The mayor of the Philippines’ capital said to formally declare candidacy on Wednesday, September 22.

Moreno added that Doc Willy Ong will be his running mate for vice-president.

Isko Moreno to run for president, Willie Ong as VP

Just like Moreno, internist and cardiologist Ong is also popular on social media with 16 million followers on Facebook and over 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube. In 2019, he ran for senate in the 2019 midterm elections but failed to enter 'magic 12', ranking 18th after receiving over 7.6 million votes.

Before he occupied Manila's highest seat of power, 'Yorme' had once been part of the city's face of poverty. He was born in the impoverished slums of Tondo.

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Moreno started his political career when he was elected and sworn in as councilor for Manila's first legislative district in 1998.

In 2016, Moreno ran for senator under the coalition of presidential candidate Grace Poe but lost his bid, placing 16th overall.

In 2019, he garnered more than 50% of the votes for mayorship in Manila, defeating former Mayors Estrada and Lim.

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