WATCH: Kris Aquino talks about Duterte, DDS, family’s legacy in tell-all video

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino dropped a tell-video to reveal her strong statements against those who criticize her, bash her sons and persecute the legacy of the Aquino family.

Kris Aquino on Duterte
Kris Aquino drops tell-all video | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Kris Aquino

In a 25-minute video, the TV host poured out her sentiments against those who continue to drag her and her family down. She also talked about several issues that have surrounded her.

First on her list is about the malicious rumors against her sons, Joshua and Bimby. She lambasted those who spread the rumor that Josh got a girl pregnant and those who tagged Bimby as gay.

Kris said, “I was being tested what was my vulnerability. It's simple, it's how much I love my sons. Alam ko there are those who tell me, ‘ignore them or choose your battles’, please I ask you I know you mean well but please do not decide for me.”

She added how she is “willing to go to war for them.”

Kris also dropped the name of Herbert Bautista and how she tried to reconnect with him. She also recalled how Bimby knew how much she admired Herbert but because elections were near, she had to let everything go. She admitted, “Unfortunately, because elections are next year, vote that word vote it can be misinterpreted again. HB’s political plans, whatever plans he has they are his own.”

Kris also faced the most common criticism she often hears online about her. It was when she admitted she had Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) in an interview 18 years ago. Kris said she doesn’t feel bad about it because she knew she was being honest. She lamented, “So, how can you use something that I revealed about myself against me.”

Duterte and DDS

In the next part of the video, Kris talked about how the current administration affected her career and personal life. According to Kris, her career and return to free TV were halted because of her family name. She was told that her network couldn’t work with her because of fears to offend the administration. Kris shared, “My chance to come back on free TV was taken away from me because I was told mahirap ma-offend ang palasyo. I took that political reality.”

Despite it, the former Kapamilya host admitted that she still hopes for the best for the administration, “You know what with everything that has happened, I still continue to pray for the current administration, for this government that is ruling us right now.” Kris quoted how a DDS blogger once named her as the “first law of power.”

Kris clarified that she has no political affiliation but said she knows who were “napatalsik at gustong-gusto kaming gantihan dahil kulang pa sa kanila na pinapatay nila ang dad ko.” She firmly said that she is not against President Rodrigo Duterte and that she has never tried to offend the President.

“Para sa mga DDS, wala tayong reason para mag-away,” she continued.

Kris remarked how she is not attacking anyone but she is left with no choice but to defend herself. She said that she accepts the reality that bashers will not stop trying to drag her down but she will fight back to protect those who matter to her-- her sons, the memory of her parents, and her siblings.

Just before she ended her video, Kris quoted one of Taylor Swift’s song “Mad Woman” with the lines,“No one likes a mad woman you made her like that and you'll poke that bear till her claws come out and you find something to wrap your noose around."

"And there's nothing like a mad woman, I'm taking my time taking my time because you took everything from me watching you climb watching you climb over people like me.”

“Tama na. Sobra na. Lalaban na,” she ended.

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i shot this on March 19, 2021. 💛🇵🇭
From comments kailangan specific para magkaintindihan tayo. You want names, in alphabetical order basing it on their first names, yung mga umiikot na pangalan for 2022, dahil hindi sila ang pumondo sa trolls & bloggers para atakihin ako at ang mga anak ko, I AM NOT AGAINST: Bong Go, Grace Poe, Isko Moreno, Leni Robredo, Manny Pacquiao, Ping Lacson, Sara Duterte, and Sonny Trillanes. MATALINO KAYO. Matalino tayong lahat.

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