Converge offers speed boost for P399

MANILA, Philippines – With mobility restrictions slowly easing, many Filipinos are returning to their regular routine of working at the office while a huge part of the workforce still remain homebound. This transition has caused again another shift in the internet consumption at home.

Converge offers speed boost for P399
L-R: Converge ICT National Consumer Sales Head - Michael Maquiran, Converge ICT Marketing Director - Lourdes "Orange" Ramirez, Converge ICT Product Management Head - Gilbert Virtucio.

Recognizing that consumers’ bandwidth requirements should coincide with the time that they are most active online, Converge ICT has unveiled an innovative and efficient product that matches internet speeds with consumers’ usage hours. Aptly called Converge FiberX Time of Day, the new connectivity product allows residential subscribers to have the right internet speed that will fit their daily or nightly needs at an affordable rate.

“We at Converge aim to be always in tune with our customer’s changing needs. Through Time of Day, Converge aims to provide our residential customers with cost-efficient and flexible connectivity options that suit their consumption habits,” Converge ICT Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero said.

With Converge FiberX Time of Day, subscribers can choose a time period to enjoy the best speeds – and opt either for the Day Plan or Night Plan. Depending on their chosen preset periods, customers can experience double their subscribed bandwidth (for an additional Php 399 only for current and existing FiberX customers) and without having to pay double the subscription fees, allowing them to maximize their budget while being productive at the same time.

Converge offers speed boost for P399

Under the Day Plan, bandwidth will double at peak hours during the day, or from 7:00 AM to 6:59 PM. This plan is best for customers who work-from-home during the daytime, or families with children who attend online classes.

Under the Night Plan, bandwidth will double at peak hours during the night, or from 7:00 PM-6:59 AM. This plan is a great option for work-from-home subscribers who operate during graveyard shifts, or content creators who game or stream online at night.

“As our residential customers’ connectivity needs continue to change and grow, Converge maintains its commitment to provide them with the best and most affordable internet resources to excel in every part of their daily lives,” Romero added.

— The Summit Express

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