Knife blade discovered inside a man’s chest 14 months after stabbing incident

MANILA, Philippines – A 25-year-old man from Kidapawan City, North Cotabato recently discovered that a knife blade has been stuck inside his chest for more than a year through his chest x-ray result.

Kent Ryan Tomao, who underwent x-ray examination as a requirement for job application, was stabbed in the chest by a group of young men in North Cotabato in January 2020. He didn’t expect that 14 months later, a blade from the weapon used in the incident will be found near his lungs.

Knife blade discovered inside a man’s chest
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Bombo Radyo Gensan

According to Tomao, doctors in a hospital in Kidapawan City where he was rushed operated on his wound without conducting tests.

“Wala akong na x-ray. Tinahi lang nila diretso kasi sabi ng doktor, mababa lang naman daw yung sugat,” he told a local radio station.

Although Tomao had no clue that there was still a blade inside his chest, he revealed that he would sometimes feel pain on the wound area but would simply ignore it.

Tomao’s current doctor recommended that he gets the blade removed immediately. The victim intends to go back to the government hospital in Kidapawan City where he was initially treated to have the blade removed.

Furthermore, Tomao urged the said hospital to improve their services and treat their patients fairly.

“Sana ayusin nila ang pag-alaga sa kanilang mga pasyente kasi binabayaran sila nang maayos ng gobyerno. Pantay-pantay sana ang trato,” he added.

While Tomao’s case seems shocking, it is not uncommon for foreign objects to be left inside the body after surgery. In an article by, thousands of incidents like this happen in the United States every year. Surgical instruments like sponges, scalpels, scissors, towels, drain tips, needles, clamps, tweezers, forceps, scopes, measuring devices, surgical masks and tubes are some of the objects commonly left inside a patient’s body post surgery.

— Mini, The Summit Express

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