LOOK: Garbage man's 'celebrity' transformation goes viral

MANILA, Philippines – A garbage man recently went viral for his ‘celebrity’ transformation after he was spotted by a hair and make-up artist who thought he had the makings of a ‘model material’. Netizens were amazed at the transformation because the guy really looks like a celebrity model now.
Garbage man's 'celebrity' transformation goes viral

Hairstylist and makeup artist Richard Stranz owns a salon in Angeles City, Pampanga. He explained that he had seen the garbage man named Dennis Pascual several times in the city, especially because the guy keeps passing by the salon or roams nearby streets.

Garbage man's 'celebrity' transformation goes viral
Photo credit: Richard Stranz

Realizing that Dennis has potential to become a model because of his looks, Richard decided to talk to him. He learned that Dennis was abandoned by his family when he was just around 7 years old. He has no idea about his family’s whereabouts.

Dennis added that he does not have a home but lives in the streets, just scavenging garbage he sells to junk shops for a living. When Richard offered to transform him into a model so that he might find a better way to earn money, Dennis felt happy. The garbage man added that he enjoys the new look and likes how it made him feel comfortable.

The hair and make-up artist did not just give Dennis a makeup transformation but also provided him with food and some new clothes. He also bought the junk items that Dennis had collected for the day so that the garbage man can have some money.

Garbage man's 'celebrity' transformation goes viral
Photo credit: Richard Stranz

To keep him looking good, Richard plans to enroll Dennis in a gym and provide him with ample food and clothes.

“Ang napansin ko kay Dennis ang bilis niyang turuan. Nakita niyo naman pang model ang itsura ni Dennis, ano lang siya, talagang kailangan niyang alagaan,” Richard explained.

Garbage man's 'celebrity' transformation pampanga
Photo credit: Richard Stranz

He added that he really feels happy when he gets to help those who are in need.

“Marami naman ako nga natulungan na mga ganun. Lagi ‘yung mga nagbabasura ganyan kasi. Parang malapit kasi ako sa ganyan kasi nga dati rin akong nangangalakal,” he said.

“Kapag nakakakita ako ng mga nangangalakal ‘yung parang ang gaan ng loob ko sa kanila tapos gusto ko silang tulungan. Basta kapag nakikita kong masipag sila, gusto ko silang tulungan.”

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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