Old woman receives free MacBook after heartwarming post at gadget store went viral

MANILA, Philippines – An old woman receives a free MacBook of her own after a heartwarming post about her at a gadget store went viral! What makes netizens so happy about this is that it all started with the kindness of the staff at the gadget store.
Old woman receives free MacBook Greenbelt

Walter So was at a Power Mac Center in Greenbelt in Makati City when he noticed an elderly woman sitting comfortably on a chair inside the gadget store selling Apple products. While most gadget stores keep the tables beside the display counters free of chairs to let customers easily check out the items, this old woman was receiving special treatment from the store staff.

Many netizens later pointed out that most stores give special treatment to VIPs who spend a lot of money there, yet this store is giving special treatment to a woman who can’t become their paying customer. In fact, she can’t afford to buy a gadget and has to rely on the demo MacBook and free WiFi connection at the store to connect with her family.

Old woman receives free MacBook Greenbelt
Photo credit: Walter So

Despite knowing that she can’t buy a gadget from them, the store employees went out of their way to teach her how to use the MacBook. They also let her use the demo MacBook and internet connection for free, anytime she needed to. So, this old lady has been frequenting the gadget store.

“The store personnel call her “nanay” (mother). She can’t afford a gadget to be able to connect with her family and so she frequents the store, so that she can use the demo MacBook and free internet and chat with her family and check Facebook,” shared Walter So who explained that he just couldn’t resist taking a photo and sharing this act of kindness.

“I’m not sure why her kids would not buy her any gadget, but knowing the motherly value of selflessness, I’m sure she is telling her kids she has all that she needs. I salute the store employees for being charitable. I hope the returns they get is ten fold. This is now my favorite store.”

He added that he feels impressed that the old woman is adept at using the MacBook. He believes the staff had taught her well.

“COVID has brought challenges for everyone, families have not seen each other for the longest time, it’s good that technology enables us to at least virtually keep in touch, at least for those who can afford. But for those that can’t, there are people like these employees who give a helping hand. Good job!” Walter praised.

A lot of netizens were also as impressed with the gadget store staff as Walter. As the post went viral, offers for donations poured in for the old woman. Soon, someone bought a new MacBook for this old woman so she wouldn’t have to visit the store anymore to chat with her kids!

Old woman receives free MacBook Greenbelt
Photo credit: Walter So

“In coordination with Powermac Greenbelt and anonymous donor, MacBook (pink) has been received by nanay! You sharing this photo to the world helped someone today. Thank you to all the moms in the world for making the impossible possible!” Walter updated the post.

Others also offered to buy her a prepaid WiFi gadget and cellphone to keep her connected.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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