Lucky sectors, directions for 2021 Year of the Metal Ox

MANILA, Philippines – As we usher in the Year of the Metal Ox, Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua shares his prediction on the lucky sectors or directions for 2021.

Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua gives his readings on the lucky sectors
Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua gives his readings on the lucky sectors of your house for the Year of the Metal Ox

In order to maximize and make use of the energy of your house, establishment or any building, it is best to understand and know the best directions every year. By using the traditional Feng Shui techniques, it will help us activate and harness the positive areas or locations according to our needs.


1. EAST - According to Master Hanz, the East sector brings the "Love and Study Luck."

For those who are single, they are advised to sleep in a bed with the headboard in the East. The same goes for married couples so they may have a harmonious relationship. Those who will be taking an exam should also study in a place that faces the East.

Lucky charms such as Mandarin Ducks, Rose Quartz, Happy couple, Dragon Phoenix should be placed in the East to enhance love luck. For those who are studying should display Rabbit, Abacus, Education God, wisdom pen also in the East.

2. NORTHEAST - This year, this where the "Accomplishment and Long Term Success star" can be seen. Those who are interested in business expansion, career promotion and future money luck, should keep the Northeastern part of their house busy and active. You should also speak positive and happy words whenever you are in the Northeastern area. It is also advised to sign contracts in this area to keep a "continuous client."

Lucky charms to be displayed in the Northeast sector are Money Bag, Money catcher, Money wealth Ship, Prosperity Ox, Wealth Buddha and hanging Prosperity Ox.

3. WEST - According to Master Hanz, the chart shows that the West bears the "Money, Prosperity Business Star and Career Promotion Luck." To activate money luck, the West area of your house should be used often. It should also be lively so put your radio, music, TV or speaker in this sector.

Lucky charms best displayed in the West sector are Crystal, Jade, Citrine, Prosperity Ox and Crystal Money Tree.

4. CENTER - This sector bears the "Heaven Blessing Star." You should keep the center of your house clean, well lit and full of happiness and positivity. Harness the energy of the Center sector so that it may bring blessings for your whole family. Display lucky charms such as Lucky Ox, Wealth God, Money Bar and wealth Ship.

5. SOUTH - This sector is perfect for when you wish to excel in something as it holds the "Victory and Success Star, Competition Star and Career Promotion Star." Make this area bright and well lit so it may attract energy that will help you be on top of your game, may it be in a competition or in your career.

Lucky charms best to be displayed in the South are Victory Horse, Success Ox, Success Flag, Money Bag and Career Promotion Abacus.

In the end, Master Hanz reminds that Feng Shui is only a guide. To receive more blessings and remain lucky, donate and share to others. He said even lucky charms are only used to help enhance luck. Hardwork, determination and prayers are still important to achieve success in life.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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