WATCH: Visionary Rudy Baldwin reveals 6 predictions for 2021

MANILA, Philippines – Rudy Baldwin, a popular visionary has revealed six of her predictions for the year 2021.
Rudy Baldwin reveals 6 predictions for 2021

Rudy Baldwin appears on TV to share her predictions.
Rudy Baldwin appears on TV to share her predictions. Screengrab: Facebook/ Rated Korina

The psychic claimed that she had correctly predicted many events last year. Among those were the sinking of the ship Gulf Livestock 1 which affected 39 Filipinos and the sinking of a passenger ship in Mabini, Batangas.


Rudy also said she predicted the death of April Boy Regino when she claimed that a popular singer known for wearing caps whenever he performs will pass away in 2020. Just a few days after Rudy said a typhoon is on the way, Typhoon Ulysses created havoc in Manila and parts of Luzon.

Another very specific prediction Rudy claimed was an earthquake on Christmas Day. True enough, a 6.3 magnitude quake hit Calatagan, Batangas and felt even in Metro Manila.

For the year 2021, Rudy already laid down some of her psychic predictions. Here are the six visions she had for the new year:

1. A new virus that affects the skin will appear all over the world that would most likely lead to another pandemic. While the illness has a treatment, it is highly contagious. Rudy said, "Nakuha natin ito sa hangin. Nakakasira ng itsura."

2. The eruption of two volcanoes will happen in the Philippines. Rudy said she is so sure of is and said, "Malinaw na malinaw na mage-eruption."

3. Air disasters will occur this year. According to Rudy, she sees a plane crash and a helicopter crash in the future. She said this is only applicable in the Philippines but also in the countries Brazil, Argentina and Hawaii.

4. Filipinos should brace themselves for stronger earthquakes. Rudy claims that these quakes are strong but not as strong as the "Big One", which she said will happen in year 2023. The psychic said she even sees that she will be affected by the quake.

5. Several celebrities will also pass away. According to Rudy, one female celebrity who is already at the peak of her career will pass away. She claimed that this celebrity is so popular that Rudy had been seeing her since she was small and described her as "Legendary."

Rudy continued that another male celebrity will also die due to a road accident. Another male celebrity will also pass away after being killed when robbers entered his home.

6. According to Rudy, the economy will recover and almost all businesses will be successful this year 2021.

In the end, Rudy said her predictions are not made to cause fear and panic but as a guide and warning.

— Sally, The Summit Express


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  1. hahaha...just predict to there is alot of dragons na dpa natin nakikita sa tubig pero silay lalabas at maglalagim...magkakaruon ng trahedya all nation at climate change..whole universe...magkakaruon ring ng baha...tsunami at magkakagulo lahat ng basa..isa lang ang gamot meron ang covid nasa isang dugo ng isang tao

    1. Hahaha,...just to predict,di ka aasenso hangga't 'di mo inaayos ang grammar mo at basta na lang nagsasabi ng walang basehan¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Military plane crash 5/4/2021 killing at least 50 in Jolo.

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